Paul Burrell, Princess Diana's royal butler, has spoken to media about his life working for the Princess. As part of the 20th Anniversary of her passing, Burrell has started talking. He claims that he is not talking to get money or recognition, he just wants everyone to realize what an incredible person the Princess was.

Who is the former butler really?

Burrell announced in March 2017 that he is gay. He married his partner, Graham Cooper, in April 2017, according to Pink News. He is currently set to appear on the Channel 5 show, "In Therapy", in the near future.

The show features prominent people talking to a trained therapist about their inner most issues. According to Burrell, he should have seen a therapist, soon after Princess Diana's death. The former butler claims that he and Diana were as close as best friends. Her death cut him to the core and he should have realized that he needed professional help.

Burrell also claims that Diana must have been aware of his Sexual Orientation. The Princess relied on him to pick out her outfits and arrange the flowers in her household. Burrell said that his time spent working for Diana was far different to his life growing up. While he had had to suppress any sort of feminine emotions or endeavors, growing up in a mining town in Derbyshire, Diana allowed him the freedom to express himself, according to the Daily Mail.

What Burrell has to say about Diana

Burrell has been criticized for speaking so candidly about Princess Diana, according to Pink News. However, he has told media that he is not looking for any sort of credit for his words. He just wants people to see what kind of person Diana really was.

The former butler told the press that Diana must have known about his being gay and yet she accepted him just the same.

Burrell added that what made Diana so special was that she didn't allow race or sexuality to cloud her view of people. While he was simply doing his job, Diana always went the extra mile in making people feel special. Paul said that he never intended to put Diana in a bad light. He only wanted to show the world how special she really was.

Burrell added that he had been blessed to have had the Princess as a friend and that she was his inspiration. Her acceptance of him had led to him being able to accept himself for who he truly was.

Princess Diana's 20th Anniversary has been subject to much controversy. Hopefully we can all just focus on all the good memories that have come out of her life and not worry ourselves with rumors and gossip. Her life will continue shining as a light as we remember all the people whose lives she changed for the better.