Heiress Paris Hilton revealed in a recent interview with Marie Claire that she regrets her leaked sex tape in 2003. She filmed the video with her former boyfriend Rick Salomon when she was 18 years old and she noted that it is one of her biggest regrets in life.

According to Fox News, the sex tape was sold without her consent.

Hilton denies receiving money from sex tape

Hilton said that it pisses her off that the sex tape was sold and she denied being paid, noting that she never received even a dollar for the video. She noted that getting paid for the sex tape is the last thing she wants.

The reality star also said that she felt the leak of the tape ruined her public image.

The businesswoman also revealed that the looked up to Princess Diana her whole life, who is one of those elegant and amazing women she idolizes. However, because of her sex tape, she felt like she was stripped of being looked up to as an elegant and amazing woman by the younger generation.

Hotel heiress regrets relationship with Salomon

Hilton revealed that she regrets ever being in a relationship with Salomon, who is a professional poker player and was 30 years old when they filmed the video. After the sex tape leaked, she no longer wanted to leave her home because she was scared, depressed, and humiliated that she did not want to be seen out in public.

Her reality show also just debuted when the sex tape was sold.

Hilton defends Trump

Also in her Marie Claire interview, Paris said that she did not vote for President Donald Trump but said that if she did vote, she would have voted for him. She revealed that she has known the president since she was a little girl and he has been very nice, respectful, and sweet.

Hilton believes Trump will never assault a woman. For those accusing Trump of sexual assault, Hilton thinks they are only after his money and she already took notice before that women were after him because she was rich and charming.

However, in a recent statement after facing backlash for her comments regarding the sexual assault allegations against Trump, Hilton issued an apology.

According to Daily Mail, the socialite said her comments on the interview were taken out of context and that she would provide a louder voice for those who “may desperately need it.”

She wants a family

In a statement by Paris Hilton to Daily Mail, she said that she cannot wait to start a family with her boyfriend, Chris Zylka. She revealed that both her and Zylka love kids and she cannot wait for the day that she would have her own.