Donald Trump may be one of the most divisive presidents the United States has ever seen, but he has at least one fan in former reality star and heiress, Paris Hilton. It has been rumored that Trump has said some pretty sexually charged things about Paris Hilton when she was growing up (the Hiltons and the Trumps have, not surprisingly, been friends for a long time).

However, Paris still hasn't quit her unwavering support for Trump, even after he failed to condemn white supremacy after the death of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville over the weekend.

Paris doesn't seem to be looking to betray her family friend anytime soon.

'He's so respectful,' says Paris

Donald Trump has landed himself in hot water more than once for some of the things he has said about women and people of color. A tape was leaked of Trump talking about grabbing women's genitals without their permission, and bragging about it. He was also heard on the Howard Stern show before he was president sexually fantasizing about Lindsay Lohan, who was only around 18 and the time, stating that sex with the "troubled teenager" would be amazing.

However, Paris Hilton has decided to overlook all of that, and instead come to his defense.

"I’ve known him since I was a little girl. And he's always been so nice, so respectful and sweet," she told Marie Claire in a recent interview.

She also stuck up for his horrendously disrespectful statements about women, saying that she has heard "guys say some pretty gross stuff," and it seems she buys Trump's excuse that men just speak that way.

She thinks Trump's sexual assault victims are looking for attention and fame

According to Paris Hilton, there is absolutely no way that Trump is guilty of the sexual assault claims that people have been attempting to charge him with.

Instead, Paris says that she believes the woman who have claimed to have been sexually harassed by the POTUS are simply "looking for attention and fame" and were never touched inappropriately at all.

She doesn't believe that her friend, Donald Trump, would do something like that, so she has brushed off all of his alleged victims.

Predictably, the public didn't react well to that statement, and many people were angry at Paris for making the statement to begin with. She, however, does not appear to have apologized to anyone for it and feels that she is totally justified in her statement about the President of the United States.