One of the most-awaited series, "Outlander" Season 3, has just dropped its newest trailer which reveals few details about its upcoming season. The newest season is entitled "The Reunion of the Centuries" wherein it featured flashbacks of Claire and Jaime's reunion. In line with its return to air, the series sexiest couple was also spotted posing for the sexiest cover photo of the series. Perhaps, this has left their fans even more excited for the series upcoming season.

What to expect with the new season

In the latest trailer of "Outlander" season 3, series fans should expect that the season will start right after Claire returned to her life back in 1948.

A report from Music Times has also shared that Claire will be featured traveling through the stones and she will be pregnant with Sam's child. Further, as the upcoming season continues, Claire will be seen struggling due to her sudden marriage with Frank.

The newest trailer has also highlighted Brianna, their daughter, who will become the only reminder of Jaime to Claire. It was also revealed that she would become more like of her father as she grows up. Meanwhile, Claire will continue to struggle if she let Frank get back to her life. In the 18th century, Sam will be featured regretting over his failure in losing a historic battle and at the same time, losing Claire in his life. Perhaps, season 3 will also feature Jaime and Claire who will try to move on with their lives apart.

Finding their way back to each other

As the "Outlander" Season 3 returns on air this September 10, viewers are speculating whether or not Jaime and Claire will still find their way back to each other. Apparently, this is one of the most exciting scenes that fans should watch out for.

Meanwhile, it was also teased in the new trailer that Claire will be back in the 18th century, and she'll be about to walk into the door, and it is for fans to find out as to who is the person next to that door.

In the upcoming season, Jaime and Claire will be separated by several continents and will be a thousand miles apart; nevertheless, series fans still look forward to the couple to reunite once more. For the past two seasons, the couple has conquered great challenges and adversities; hence, there is always a chance for Jaime and Claire’s reunion.

Whether or not the couple will unite, it is for fans to find out whether they'll be still the same person who once parted ways at the stones. "Outlander" Season 3 was also reported to have thirteen episodes, and its book series has largely sold 28 million copies around the world, Music Times reported.