Casey Wilson and David Caspe are new parents to their son Henry Caspe, who arrived a month early from the Due Date. The news has been confirmed by the couple on Thursday through Wilson's podcast, the "Bitch Sesh." Entertainment Weekly reported that the podcast co-host Danielle Schneider confirmed the birth, which was unusual: Wilson gave birth to her son while making some recordings for the podcast.

Wilson and the baby are both fine

During the confirmation of the news, Paul Wilson, Casey's dad, revealed that his daughter and her newborn son were perfectly fine.

Wilson and Caspe are already parents to 22-month old boy Max Red. Henry is now the second addition to their brood. To recall, Wilson announced her pregnancy through the podcast back in March. Since then, she kept her followers updated over her pregnancy journey.

Paul Wilson has also shared his excitement about daughter Casey giving birth to Henry. As she tried to push the baby out, she was making jokes and asking her father to bring her the makeup bag. Hence, after pushing the baby out for three counts, Henry has finally come out to the world perfectly fine.

Baby girl

During the early months of pregnancy, the popular actress thought that what she was carrying was a baby girl.

For the past few months, Wilson admitted she had been feeling a little sick but at the same time, she also revealed that she felt great being pregnant the second time around. As she learned about the gender of her baby, everyone was shocked when she found out that it was not a girl.

Wilson has also shared how confident her friends were, as they thought that she was carrying a girl.

All of them have laughed hard after learning that it was a boy. Despite the gender of her second baby, Wilson has admitted how excited she was about her second son. As of this time, the couple hasn't revealed other details of the baby yet. However, it was good to know that both of them are safe and doing well.

Meanwhile, she has also talked about Max becoming a big brother.

The actress revealed that Max was also excited with the arrival of his baby brother. She also added that Max will definitely become a sweet little brother to Henry just as how she sees it. According to US Weekly, Wilson and Caspe have first met on the set of "Happy Endings" and got engaged back in September 2013. After the couple tied the knot on May 2014, they were immediately blessed with Max as their first born son.