This Is Us” received a lot of nominations for the Emmys this year. The award ceremony, which will take place in just over a month from now, revoked one of the nominations for the show in a specific category due to a technicality. The hit Netflix series “house of cards” will now take the place of NBC’s “This Is Us” in that specific category

Entertainment Weekly reported that “This Is Us” lost its nomination for the Outstanding Contemporary Costumes for a Series, Limited Series or Movie category. Initially, the NBC show has a total of 11 Emmy nominations.

The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences concluded that “This Is Us” was not able to meet the requirements for them to be part of the aforementioned category.

“House of Cards” will be battling it out against “Big Little Lies,” “Empire,” “Grace and Frankie,” and “Transparent.”

Requirements to be eligible for Outstanding Contemporary Costumes category

For a show to be eligible to be nominated for the category mentioned above, a series should submit an episode wherein 51 percent of the scenes took place within the past 25 years. “This Is Us” submitted their Season 1 finale titled “Moonshadow” for review but when it was scrutinized again, it was concluded that they did not reach the needed 51 percent, The Hollywood Reporter shared.

“Moonshadow” took viewers back to the 70s showing Jack and Rebeca’s relationship. The flashbacks did not reach the more than half percentage needed to qualify for the category. Costume designers Elinor Bardach, Hala Bahmet, and Marina Ray worked on the costumes of the characters for the “This Is Us” Season 1 finale.

On “House of Cards” nomination

Now that “House of Cards” took the place of “This Is Us” for the Outstanding Contemporary Costumes category, the Netflix series has a total of seven Emmy nods. The costume designers for “House of Cards” for the submitted episode are Jessica Wenger, Johanna Argan, Kemal Harris, and Steffany Bernstein-Pratt.

"House of Cards" makers did not release any statement regarding this matter yet.

Not the first time the Academy revoked a nomination

Last year, the Academy also revoked a nomination for Peter MacNicol. He was nominated for the Guest Actor in a Comedy category. It was found out later that he appeared in more than half of the episodes of the show “Veep.” Peter Scolari took his place and won the award for his performance on “Girls.”

The makers of “This Is Us” have not yet commented on the revocation of one of their Emmy nominations.