The latest updates and spoilers for "The Flash" Season 4 will feature Elongated Man added to the show and the Cw Network saying they are no longer adding speedster villains.

No more speedsters

The fourth season of "The Flash" TV series will not feature another speedster as the "big bad" in the show as Barry Allen and Team Flash will face a new enemy, Clifford DeVoe a.k.a. The Thinker.

To further enforce the decision for the show, CW Network president Mark Pedowitz officially announced at this year's San Diego Comic Con that they are "done" putting speedster villains in the show.

It is no surprise that "The Flash" TV series introduced a lot of speedster characters, from heroes like Kid Flash and Jesse Quick to villains such as Reverse-Flash, Zoom, and Savitar.

For the past three seasons Barry has been training to get faster in order to fight these villains, but this time he will likely need to use more than just his speed to defeat The Thinker. While some fans of the show will likely be disappointed with the decision, others may think of this as a great move in CW's part as it will give Barry a chance to think outside the box and will not depend too much on his powers.

Pedowitz also revealed that Season 4 of the TV series will be much "lighter" in terms of tone and the showrunners aim to improve the continuity of the show, giving the audiences what they want.

Hartley Sawyer as Elongated Man

The CW Network announced that Hartley Sawyer will join the cast of "The Flash" for the role of Ralph Dibny a.k.a. the Elongated Man. Sawyer has been known for his role as Kyle Abbott in the CBS TV series "The Young and the Restless," and was previously featured "Saving the Human Race" on CW Seed.

Sawyer's version of Ralph Dibny will be much younger than his comic book counterpart and will fit right in with Team Flash in the course of the season. It is unknown if Ralph will have the same complicated history as in the comics, not to mention that his name happens to be part of the list of people who died in the Particle Accelerator explosion in the first season.

Whether this will be a retcon or one of the changes in the post-Flashpoint timeline is yet to be determined.

Elongated Man's powers will have him stretch every part of his body to an extended degree and transform into several shapes at will. His powers will prove to be a challenge for the showrunners as the CGI effects and animations will likely cost more than their allowed budget given that it is a TV series.

"The Flash" Season 4 will premiere on Oct. 10 on the CW Network.