O.J Simpson had two children with his wife Nicole Brown Simpson before her premature death in 1994. Sydney and Justin Simpson are both grown adults working in Real Estate and appear to have spent enormous amounts of cash purchasing new properties over the past few years. The Goldman family have hired their attorney to investigate the family's sudden influx of cash.

The kids have been spending thousands

According to TMZ, the children of Nicole Brown Simpson and O.J Simpson have been doing exceptionally well when it comes to real estate lately. Despite the fact that Sydney and Justin both work in real estate their recent activity has come to the attention of the Goldman family who believes that the kid's father murdered their son Ron Goldman.

According to the New York Post, both Sydney and Justin have purchased a number of properties in the St. Petersburg area over the past few years, and the siblings have paid in cash. The Goldman family are wondering where the Simpson's have gotten such vast amounts of money from and as such have contacted their attorney.

The Goldman attorney has stated that he is determined to follow this money trail and see where it takes him. However, this will be a difficult task to accomplish as much of the Simpson's wealth is under Florida law. The attorney has discovered that none of the properties that Sydney and Justin own has mortgages suggesting that they paid the full amount in cash.

A potential lawsuit between the Simpson's and the families of the deceased

According to Fox News, the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman are determined to find out where O.J Simpson's children have received all of this money from. Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were both murdered in June of 1992 and thought O.J was acquitted of the crime the families still believe that he is responsible for their deaths.

Nicole Brown Simpson is the mother of the kids, and their grandparents want to know where this sudden inflation of money has come from. It is possible that this is simply a knee jerk reaction to the fact that O.J is being granted parole in the upcoming months. The grandparents of Simpson's children are less than happy that the criminal is being released from jail.

As of yet, there has been no comment from any of the Simpson family about the real estate spending. It is clear that the recent news of O.J Simpson's parole has prompted the Goldman family to take the course of action they are currently undertaking against O.J's children.