Seems like Danielle Bregoli's mischiefs in the past have finally backfired on her.

The controversial teen from the Dr. Phil show, who got famous for her catchphrase, "Catch Me Outside, How Bow Dah?", is facing five years of probation after pleading guilty to multiple charges last month. The outspoken teenager received her sentence on Tuesday in Delray Beach, Florida.

Danielle admits to her wrongdoings

According to TMZ, Bregoli pleaded guilty to all four charges filed against her. The 14-year-old viral sensation reportedly committed two counts of grand theft, possession of marijuana, and filing a false police report.

Other charges filed against Danielle were reportedly dropped after striking a Guilty Plea.

It remains unclear if Bregoli will also be facing charges for a separate incident, where her friend allegedly threw an ice cream at a lady and started a series of brawls in downtown Lake Worth, Florida.

The "cash me outside" girl has reportedly cooperated with authorities in their search for her friend.

Bregoli could've gone to jail

Reports also revealed that Bregoli could have gone to jail if not for her guilty plea. There were also claims that being minor also enabled her to prevent a more serious punishment.

The news site also noted that the judge allowed Danielle to fulfill her probation in California, where she currently resides with her mother, Barbara.

Danielle has no plans to repeat mistakes

In a previous interview with Hollywood Life, Bregoli addressed the hearing and charges she's currently facing.

The controversial teenager reiterated that those were "mistakes made in the past," adding that she has no plans to commit the same mistakes again.

"The hearing was about mistakes I’ve made in the past, not mistakes I plan to make again in the future."

Danielle still not in good terms with father

Meanwhile, Danielle and her father Ira Peskowitz are still not in good terms. It can be recalled that the "Cash Me Outside" girl slammed her father after it expressed interest in seeking custody.

Danielle strongly opposed the idea, adding that her father has never been active in her life and that he is only showing interest now because of all the opportunities coming her way.

Bregoli also criticized her father's lawyer, calling her "dumb." To recall, Ira's lawyer alleged that Danielle is being controlled by people that promote "absurd behavior."

So far, the "Cash Me Outside" girl's father has yet to react on her five-year probation.