Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi recently revealed that they have split. Nick was actually on four different shows involved in the "Bachelor" franchise and now fans are wondering if he would do it again. Nick fell in love three times, but only got the girl once. He ended up engaged to Vanessa, but they have now called it off. Some fans were shocked to hear that they were over.

What did Nick have to say about future shows?

Nick was at the Wrangler by Peter Max line debut party in L.A. on Monday, August 28 when he talked about if he would be on the show in the future.

It turns out that Nick Viall has plans to find love in the traditional way the next time around. He spoke out saying that he is thankful for everything, but he is done with that reality show for good. He is also grateful for the time he had with Vanessa. It is great to hear him talking nice about her.

It looks like Nick is going to have to start dating girls in the normal way. Because of the show, Nick may have a little trouble dating now. Everyone knows who he is already and that is going to make it harder to find a girl that is in it for the right reasons. Maybe Nick will end up on "Famously Single" like Josh Murray and Chad Johnson both did. This might be able to help Nick figure out why he can't find love even with using reality television.

What does Nick have to say about Vanessa?

Nick Viall actually has nothing bad to say about Vanessa at this time. He went on to explain that the time he spent with her is 100% a positive thing. It sounds like they are both happy for their time together, but it didn't work out. Nick and Vanessa dated for a while after the show and he also did "Dancing With the Stars." So far, they aren't saying the real reason they split, but rumors are that neither one of them could agree on where they want to live.

Nick also shared that he has a lot of close friends from the show. He said that like the twins and Ashley I, Carly Waddell and her husband Evan Bass, Wells Adams and Jared Haibon are all great friends of his now that have helped him through this tough time. He admits that Vanessa has some great friends from the show as well.

It looks like this show was a great thing for both of them even if it didn't work out. Vanessa and Nick are both moving on, but neither one has admitted that they are dating anyone just yet. It seems like they are just living the single life for a bit.

Are you surprised to hear that Nick Viall doesn't want to be on any "Bachelor" shows in the future? Do you think he will change his mind? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss the new episodes of "Bachelor in Paradise" when they air on Monday nights on ABC. Nick won't be showing up this season because the entire thing is already filmed without him. You never know if he will change his mind in the future, though.