Actor Ryan O'Neal's health issues are a growing concern for the "Love Story" star's closest friends who believe the 76-year-old could be battling cancer again. Radar Online reports that Ryan O'Neal's current physical appearance has left those closest to the star in shock. Standing at over six feet tall, Ryan now only weighs around 135 pounds his pals reveal.

Ryan O'Neal health crisis revealed

O'Neal claims he is in need of emergency back surgery, however, his friends fear the situation is far worse than the star is letting on. Those close to Ryan believe that it is possible that his cancer has more than likely returned and it is taking a toll on his health.

Concern began to mount again about the father of four's health issues after he was recently spotted looking a mere shell of himself. RO claims Ryan was recently forced to cancel his upcoming appearance in a touring play this fall due to needing surgery.

Ryan O'Neal's family troubles continue

Those closest to the actor fear he is in bad shape and describes the once strapping man as frail, and weak. They also are afraid that he is nowhere near strong enough to undergo any type of surgery anytime soon. “He looks terrible,” the pal says. “This surgery has everyone close to Ryan fearing that — combined with cancer — it might write his death sentence one inside source allegedly told RO reporters.

Over the years Ryan O'Neal has faced several health issues including skin and prostate cancer as well as chronic myelogenous leukemia.

Fans best remember Ryan O'Neal getting his big acting start as Rodney Harrington on the ABC's former night time soap "Peyton Place."

O'Neal quickly went on to find success in films such as "Love Story," "Paper Moon," and "The Main Event" to name a few. Ryan is the father of four children, actress and "Paper Moon" co-star Tatum O'Neil, Griffin and Patrick, and son Redmond with the late actress Farrah Fawcett.

Over the years Ryan has made news headlines for the strange and sometimes very bizarre relationships he has had with his children, especially Tatum.

In 2011, Tatum penned her first memoir book revealing her troubled relationship with Ryan. The book titled "A Paper Life" finds Tatum alleging that O'Neal that as a young girl of 12 she was molested by her dad's drug dealer.

Tatum also claims throughout her life she was physically and emotionally abused by her father.

Since then Ryan has adamantly continued to deny Tatum's allegations. Ryan O'Neal said of the book: "It is a sad day when malicious lies are told in order to become a 'best-seller." The father/daughter acting duo have continued to attempt to repair their decades' long troubled relationship without much success.

Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery go out to Ryan O'Neal as he undergoes back surgery or treatment for any medical issues he may be facing at this time.