Nick Jonas is not one of the tallest people in the showbiz industry and no one has made that an issue until now. A fan who asked Jonas to pose for a photo with him made fun of the singer and actor’s Height so the “Scream Queens” alum called him out on Instagram.

The man who made fun of Jonas’ height was identified as Zak Hanzal. He posted a photo of him and on Jonas Instagram and tagged the “Jealous” singer in his post. Hanzal wrote, “you need a few more inches bruhh.” Jonas, on the other hand, said Hanzal needs “some manners ‘bruh.” The "Close" singer also told Hanzal he did not even need to stop to take the photo with the man who bullied him online.

He concluded his comment on the photo saying that Hanzal is rude, E! News reported.

Fans defend Jonas

Fans of the former member of the Jonas brothers band commented on Hanzal’s photo in an attempt to defend the singer and actor. One user said that Jonas should not have stopped for Hanzal then told the latter to grow up. One more user said that Jonas took his time out to take the photo with Hanzal but he chose to make fun of the star's height instead.

The fan asked to have a photo of him taken with Jonas last week while the singer and actor was out in Los Angeles. Jonas stands 5 feet and 7 inches.

Jonas, Hanzal settle dispute

Jonas took to Twitter to say that everything is okay and there is no need to spread hate.

Hanzal also wrote in a statement that everyone should come down as it was only a joke. It remains unknown how Hanzal and Jonas settled the issue but Hanzal said that Jonas is cool with the matter.

Hanzal also changed the caption saying that Jonas is one of the most humble celebrities he has met. Hanzal also called Jonas “MY MAN,” People reported.

Other Jonas news

Jonas recently revealed that his father, Kevin Sr., is now cancer-free. According to Page Six, Kevin Sr. had colon cancer but now the family has seen the end of it. Jonas revealed the good news during an interview with Elvis Duran during iHeart Radio’s Label Defiers with Zico Coconut Water.

The former Disney star said that he had a lot on his schedule during the day that his father had to go into surgery to have his tumor removed.

He then cleared his schedule so he could be there with his dad on a very special day. He revealed that he and his brothers all went to see their father and they are proud that they came together as a family.

Fifty-two-year-old Kevin Sr. served as the Jonas brothers’ manager and is also a songwriter. They announced last year that he had colon cancer.