Hey, "Zoo" fans. New York City will be in major trouble when hybrids try to take it over in this new Episode 4 of the current season 3. Dariela and Abraham will reunite with the team in an effort to try and stop this crazy takeover and more. These spoilers are from CBS' recent press release by way of Spoiler TV.

Welcome to the Terra Dome

They also gave it a really cool-sounding title by naming it; "Welcome to the Terra Dome." According to their official plot summary, we're going to see a big threat in the popular New York City at some point! Apparently, some hybrids will be on the loose and will try to take over the city!

Will they succeed in this task, or will they get stopped? Those are the big questions for this plotline. It definitely sounds like it will offer scenes that will deliver even more crazy drama. So, it should be quite entertaining. We're pretty sure the new preview clip for this episode will give us some glimpses into this hectic situation. You'll definitely want to look for it to release after tonight's episode 3 gets done airing.

Wild turn of events

Next, they revealed that in light of this wild turn of events, Dariela and Abraham will end up reuniting with the team in an effort to try and stop this wicked hybrid take over. Will their added assistance be effective in this situation? It seems like it could be.

We'll, of course, have to tune in to see how it plays out. Their reunion with the team does sound interesting though. Episode 4 was written by the writing team of Gregory Weidman and Geoff Tock. They brought on Greg Beeman to direct it.

Jackson and Abraham conversation

Additionally, Spoiler TV posted quite a few promotional pictures for this episode.

They reveal that we're going to see a lot of Jackson in this one. He's seen in a scene with Abraham. They appear to be having an interesting conversation. Jackson is in a couple of other scenes as well. One of them shows Jamie and Clementine in the background. So, we'll be seeing those two in action as well.

Jamie will also be sharing a few scenes with Mitch at some point.

One of their moments appears to get quite passionate as they look like they're about to kiss. Clementine is busy working on something in one of the snapshots. There are two pictures of Dariela and she seems pretty serious about them.

Serious Josh scene

Last but most certainly not least, there's a photo that features a close up of Josh. He also appears to be very serious in this particular scene. It looks like just about everyone will be featured in this installment. Things will certainly be very intense as no one seems to be messing around in these scenes for the most part.

Alright, guys. That's all the intel that we currently have for this episode. CBS kept their description more brief than usual this time.

Again, be sure to watch out for the new preview clip to get released later on tonight. It's confirmed that episode 4 is due to arrive next Thursday night, July 20, 2017, at 9 p.m. central time on CBS. Stay tuned.