Hey, "Zoo" fans. Welcome back to a brand new season 3. We're definitely going to see some interesting things take place in the upcoming episode 2 as Logan and Jackson discover a link between some attacks. A woman will show up that claims to be Mitch's daughter Clementine. In addition, some of Abraham's research will prove to be quite dangerous. CBS released these spoilers in a press release by way of Spoiler TV.


The title for episode 2 is "Diaspora." -- a pretty unique name. They'll never be accused of not being original with that one. The main description begins by telling us about what Logan and Jackson will be up to.

Their storyline sounds quite intriguing. Apparently, they will discover a link between the hybrid attacks that took place in New York and Portland.

What will this link turn out to be? Will they be able to do anything about it? Those are the huge questions for this situation. It certainly sounds like it'll take at least a few episodes to get those questions answered.

Next, they revealed that Mitch will be the recipient of some shocking drama because a woman is going to arrive on the scene that's claiming he is her father! So, definitely look for this woman to offer up a new set of issues for Mitch at some point.

New development

Lastly, the spoilers reveal a very disturbing storyline scoop in regards to Abraham.

There's going to be a new development that arises in his research into the sterility crisis. It will put his family in heavy danger!

What could this major danger be? Will Abraham be able to stop it? Those are the burning questions for his storyline. We will definitely have to wait until this episode airs to see all the details about it.

This installment was written by Bryan Oh and Nick Parker. They hired Michael Katleman to direct it.

Additionally, Spoiler TV posted some promotional photos for episode 2 on their website which gave us some additional insight into it. There's a couple of photos that shows Clementine in action. So, expect to see her in it. Dariela and Abraham will share some very intense scenes together as they're seen screaming and running in a few of the pics.

Jackson has a drink

Jackson is shown having drinks with a woman in one of the pictures. Josh is in a couple of solo snap shots. Actually, there probably is someone else in the scene with him but the photo doesn't show it. Whatever the case, expect to see him in at least one scene. Lastly, Jamie is shown in one of the pictures. She's most likely in a scene with someone else as well but it only shows her face. It looks like she's having some sort of a conversation.

It's possible that CBS will release a preview clip for episode 2 after the big premiere episode 1 wraps up later on tonight. It should give us a few extra glimpses. You might want to keep your eyes peeled for that one.

We can also confirm that episode 2 is set to air next Thursday night, July 6 at 9 pm CT on CBS. Stay tuned.