One of the heavily speculated characters in the upcoming movie, “Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi” is the Supreme Leader, Snoke. His character is cloaked in mystery that continues to intrigue fans until now. New rumors surfaced recently claiming that the character’s weakness and his real purpose will be revealed in the eighth movie installment. A recent leak also revealed his character in a different light.

New theory about Snoke

A new theory about the Supreme Leader also made headlines recently. According to this theory, “Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi” will reveal the character’s weakness that will expose his real agenda.

On YouTube, popular franchise theorist, Mike Zeroh claimed that the new theory came from one of Andy Serkis’ statements. According to the actor, who portrayed the role of the Supreme Leader in the movie, while Snoke has an enigmatic character there is a strange weakness in him that disproves his true agenda.

Zeroh said that this could mean that while Snoke is extremely powerful as the Supreme Leader of the First Order, his health is failing him as well. According to the theorist, it is for this reason that most likely he is eyeing for Kylo Ren to take possession of his body like a Force parasite. Moreover, he said that Snoke’s true agenda could be more about restoring his well-being.

Latest Star Wars' leaks

Recently, a new set of promotional images of the new "Star Wars" movie was leaked online by one of the franchise’s serial leakers. Interestingly, the latest claim reveals more about the mysterious character than what was previously usual about him. On Twitter, an account shared images of fan-favorite characters like Rey, Luke, Kylo Ren, and Finn.

Interestingly, there is also an image of the Supreme Leader; however, he is no longer shown in a form of hologram. The latest leak claim that these images are from the ongoing development of the upcoming movie’s promotional campaign. This could very well explain the reason for the incomplete saber of Kylo Ren. From the images, fans could see the details of the characters’ outfits.

The account is recently suspended on Twitter.


It is very noticeable that in the images, Rey has a different hairstyle and is now clothed in Gray toned Jedi attire. According to speculations, this is evidence that the dark side and the luminous side of Force could be combined. The same is observed about Luke. The signature sand outfit of the character is now changed to a costume with a much darker tone. There are several claims that this depicts Luke’s the of Luke’s illusions.

Aside from the new set of costumes, it is Snoke’s image that has stirred the online commotion among fans. This is the first time that the Supreme Leader was revealed in flesh and blood and not in a hologram form.

He was illustrated with a shrunken warped face with a pair of blue eyes. In addition, the character is wearing what appears to be a golden robe. Snoke is surrounded by the Praetorian Guards garbed in red attire.

As “Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi” approaches it release date in cinemas, more of these important details will be revealed. The eighth movie installment will be in theaters on December 13.