With Star Wars Galaxy's Edge set to arrive at Disneyland and Disneyworld in 2019, the ILMxLAB branch of Lucasfilm has chosen to give fans a taste of what's to come in the form of virtual reality later this year. Positioned in both Downtown Disney in Anaheim, California and Disney Springs in Orlando, Flordia, fans won't even have to enter the park to experience the excitement. With little more than half the year already over, they can only hope that it comes soon. For now not much is known about this new experience, but what is, sounds pretty fun for just about any "Star Wars" fan.

VR experience

Up to this point, Lucasfilm has been pretty tight lipped about what exactly people can experience in this new VR game. All that is known so far is that the title is, "Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire" and that in order to accomplish this task, they have teamed up with the virtual and mixed reality company known as The Void. With their help, ILMxLAB was able to design a new "hyper reality" in which players will have the ability to experience actual "Star Wars" environments with captivating sound and imagery. After putting on the headset, guests will be able to fight along side the Imperial Security Droid K2-SO to achieve tasks on the infamous lava planet known as Mustafar.

Of this new immersive game, Curtis Hickman, the Co-Founder, and chief creative officer of The Void, has said that he wants the game to be experienced with more than just a person's eyes.

He wants every sense (hearing, feeling, touching and even smelling) to be used. His goal is to literally make people step into the game and become part of the overall story.

As part of the game play, guests will not only be wearing virtual reality headsets but also use Lazar tag-like vests and guns with which they can help the alliance over take The Empire.

From this description, it is sounding like one need not be a "Star Wars" fan to enjoy this immersive experience. As long as the guest enjoys first person shooter games, they should have a good enough time. With the ability for more than person to play at a time, friends and family can dual it out together in an attempt to save the galaxy.

Other VR experiences

Until this game makes its way to Downtown Disney in Anaheim, California and Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida, fans can either play alone or against their friends on the PlayStation in the VR game "Battlefront II." According to the official website, players will be able to start a new path as Iden Versio, Commander of an Inferno Squad-a special forces group that are just as deadly on the ground as they are is in air and space. Through this, players can also interact with well known and loved characters. For fans of "Star Wars" gaming, there is a lot to do a lot to look forward to.