Before the episode even began, "Clone Wars Conversation" host James Arnold Taylor, interrupted his own introduction about his latest guest to warn his viewing audience about the fun and goofiness that they are about to witness. While no two interviews are the same, James says that this one is really unlike the others he has done in the past, but in the best way possible. Even though his guest on this episode is best known for his part of Lux Bonteri in "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," he has played other parts such as a Coruscant guard, and a pirate.

No matter what part he played, he is still a lot of fun to talk with.

The interview (slight spoilers ahead)

Unlike his interviews with his former "Clone Wars" cast mates before, James chose to start the episode off with a little bit of behind-the-scenes humor. Prior to the official start of the episode, James and Jason "slate" the episode to ensure it is working and so the audio and video can be synced later during post-production. With Jason, it goes without saying that he has a ball doing it. While his hands are still separated in the air acting like a human clapboard, he states that from another point of view, his long arms also resemble a large Pacman about to eat James. To this, he can do nothing more than bend over and laugh.

After all, what other response is there to the action?

Moving on, they eventually talk about why casting semi-unknowns in "Star Wars" is such a good idea. In his own words, Jason said, "...then you don't get taken out when you see somebody who you are familiar with, all the other things they have been as an actor. To me, that's a brilliant casting choice when you want to tell a fantastic story..." Think of Adam Driver in "The Force Awakens." Due to him being known for his role in the hit HBO dramedy "Girls," many fans were pulled out of the movie as soon as Kylo Ren (the character Driver played and is continuing to play, in the film) removed his mask when interrogating Rey.

As a result of his being known from that show, fans could not help but see him as that character rather than Kylo Ren. Until the movie comes out in December, fans can only hope that his story arc improves to the point of being able to forget his role on the HBO show.

In the meantime, about halfway through the interview, the two got to talking about his character Lux Bonteri's relationship with the young Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano.

In short, Jason said that Lux and Ahsoka's relationship was based on circumstances. While they likely had feelings for each other, they were not allowed to act on them due to the latter's status with the Jedi Order. Even though they did share one kiss in the episode "A Friend in Need," it was more motivated by the situation rather than two people in a real relationship.

According to Jason, "...the only kiss they get to share is one motivated by circumstance. That encapsulate's their relationship. Their relationship is that circumstance can only ever constrain their relationship." More than this, even if they could go to a far flung planet on the edge of the galaxy where Ahsoka wasn't a Jedi and Lux not part of the rebellion, that fantasy can't even be imagined because it is not the universe in which they exist.

Even after Ahsoka left the Jedi Order at the end of the show's fifth season, both James and Jason don't believe that she reunited with Lux because of both their natures being that of a fighter. While they might still harbor feelings for each other, they would put the rebellion and the galaxy first.

Speaking of Ahsoka, after talking about her pseudo love interest Lux, James revealed that he had managed to get the former's voice actress Ashley Eckstein, scheduled for an interview this month. With luck, it should be released within the coming weeks. Before anyone gets their hopes up, no date has been as to when that should be released. It could be in a few weeks, or it could be later.