Angelina Jolie recently graced the cover of Vanity Fair for its September edition. For the accompanying interview, the Hollywood A-lister talked about her personal life and what she has been up to. She even discussed her relationship with Brad Pitt and how they are striving to stay amicable for the kids after their divorce.

The "Maleficent" actress also stunned her fans when she revealed her Bell's palsy diagnosis in her Vanity Fair interview. While she has no problem with opening up her private life to the public, an excerpt from the story, where she talked about her upcoming movie, "First They Killed My Father," specifically caught Angelina Jolie's attention.

Jolie reacts to her Vanity Fair cover story after drawing criticism for casting method

In the particular excerpt, the publication stated that the production team held a "game" during the casting process, which involved money. It claimed that the staff "put money on the table" and asked the auditionee to "think of something she needed the money for" and take it.

The director then pretended to catch the child, who then had to come up with a lie for taking the money. The magazine described the whole process as rather "disturbing" and countless readers agreed, criticizing Angelina Jolie for allegedly playing a "psychological game" with these children.

A few days after the cover story was released, the "By The Sea" actress insisted that her team followed the necessary guidelines for the casting process.

She also denied that there was real money involved during the audition. Angelina Jolie thought their "pretend exercise" was taken out of context by the magazine. The mother of six also admitted that she was "upset" by this "false and upsetting" depiction of their casting process. On Thursday, Vanity Fair addressed Angelina Jolie's claims and even released the transcript of her interview with Evgenia Peretz.

Magazine responds to Jolie's statements

The magazine also revealed that they were asked by Angelina Jolie's lawyer to take down the controversial excerpt and run a statement to clarify the issue. The party even submitted a prepared statement, titled "Angelina Jolie Correction," which they would like the publication to run in their October issue.

Vanity Fair, however, said that they will stand by their story as published after they reviewed the audiotape of the interview. A transcript of the interview was also published to prove that the "First They Killed My Father" director actually said that her staff used money during the casting process, and asked the impoverished children to imagine what they would use the money for. The transcript also confirms that the magazine relayed what Angelina Jolie said during the interview.