Hey, “Orphan Black” fans. Things will definitely get super intense as Helena preps to give birth! In the meantime, Art and Sarah will attempt to shield her from Neolution. Unfortunately, this upcoming Episode 10 of season 5 is confirmed to be the very last episode ever. It’s the series finale! These spoilers are from BBC America via the folks at trakt.tv

Right The Wrongs

The title for this episode is called, “To Right the Wrongs of Many.” So, that’s a pretty descriptive title. They started off their plot summary by first indicating this is the big series finale.

So, after this one there will be no more “Orphan Black” episodes ever again. This is surely very sad news for all of you loyal fans. You’ll definitely want to relish every minute of this one.

After that bad news, they jumped right into the heart of the finale plotline by revealing that Helena will be getting ready to deliver her babies right in the basement of Old Dyad! Will she successfully give birth this time? Or will another major problem arise? Those are the huge questions for this situation. This storyline definitely sounds like it will feature a ton of drama and suspense. There’s no doubt about that. Since their description didn’t reveal any other details, we’ll certainly have to wait for this episode to air to see if the babies get born with no problems.

Protect Helena

Here is something that we do know. They did reveal that Art and Sarah will definitely be on the scene to try and make sure they protect Helena from Neolution. Judging from that description, it sounds like Neolution will be heavy on Helena’s trail.

That further confirms that we’ll be seeing quite a bit of suspense take place with this plotline as it comes to a final head.

Will Sarah and Art be able to successfully protect Helena from a possible Neolution problem? That’s the big burning question for this scenario. Again, we’re definitely going to have to wait around until next week to find out this very important information.

Alright, guys. That’s all the information that we were able to round up for this very last installment of the season.

However, there’s no doubt that BBC America will release a new preview clip for episode 10, later on, tonight after episode 9 wraps up.

Extra details

You’ll definitely want to keep your eyes peeled for it because we’re sure it will feature at least a few extra details that the written synopsis left out. It has also been confirmed that we can expect to see this series finale episode 10 hit the airwaves next Saturday night, August 12, 2017, at 10 pm eastern standard time on BBC America.