The latest episode of Orphan Black” Season 5 will air later, and the preview has already hinted what’s going to happen next. It seems someone’s back to bring trouble and two Leda clones are still stuck in a predicament.

The preview for “Orphan Black” Season 5 episode 8 was immediately released after the previous episode aired and it seems like the Clone Club sans Helena and Rachel Duncan are celebrating after retrieving Kira Manning from Dyad Institute. However, it looks like the fun will be short-lived as Ferdinand Chevalier returns to crash the party.

Ferdinand’s back for more trouble

It seems like fans haven’t seen the last of the ruthless cleaner. He was last seen being escorted out of the Dyad Institute and away from Rachel’s life after he killed M.K., who was another Leda clone.

Rachel recently fought back against Percival “P.T.” Westmoreland and helped Kira escape. Rachel’s rebellion have reached Ferdinand, and he’s probably out to stir more trouble just when everybody thought the storm has passed.

In the preview for “Orphan Black” Season 5 episode 8, Siobhan Sadler and Ferdinand run into each other at gunpoint inside the former’s house. It’s uncertain what Ferdinand is after, but viewers know that he’s very mad at Rachel for getting over him and he’s probably after the clone sisters to get back at her.

However, Sarah is also on her toes, worried that Siobhan is hiding something from them. In a previous episode, Siobhan confessed that she was getting information from someone else other than Delphine Cormier.

Whatever it is that Siobhan is keeping from Sarah and the rest of the Clone Club has gotten Ferdinand to show up on her doorstep, and he’s probably back to make sure the cat’s out of the bag.

Rachel recovers

In last week’s episode, Rachel gouged her fake eye out just after she helped Kira escape with her mother, Sarah. The short-haired clone was last seen struggling as she bathed in her blood but the preview revealed that someone saved her.

Rachel’s getting stitched up but it’s also uncertain whether she’ll get a new eye or just remain blind with an empty socket.

The review revealed a man returning to back up Rachel and his identity would be revealed in the new episode.

Rachel revolted against the masterminds of the experiments on the clones so she'll really need all the help she can get to get away alive. BBC America revealed the latest promo for the fifth season of “Orphan Black” but opted not to show any new footage, claiming that the next episode will be full of surprises.