Over the past five television seasons, "Orphan Black," the BBC's sci fi-pulp fiction-Soap Opera etched out of the stone of traditional episodic television a space where women are the heart of a historically male dominated story. The BBC show began in 2013 and after five years will end on August 12, 2017. With strong reviews, the show's complex and complicated story line managed to engage science fiction viewers as well as general television audiences. A cross between "La Femme Nakita" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" two other episodic programs with a woman at the center.

"Orphan Black" managed to have its unique vision.

The storyline mirrors current social themes

"Orphan Black" mirrors important contemporary social themes such as the patriarchal role in the modern political arena, gender norms, corruption, and the ethical bounds of scientific discoveries. Tatiana Maslany's Emmy award winning portrayal is not just the 'original' Sarah Manning. Additionally, she is spot-on in her portrayal of Sarah's twin Helena, and five of their clones, soccer mom Alison, genius scientist Cosima (who happens to be gay), self-aware corrupt nemesis clone Rachel, the non-self-aware clone named Krystal Goderitch, and of course, Beth, the police officer.

Beth kills herself by jumping in front a train in episode one.

This is a suicide Sarah witnesses and one that haunts her throughout the series either literally or by way of Sarah needing to keep Beth alive through a variety of plot twists and turns. Beth is the drug addict police office whose suicide energizes the plot.

Oppression is the show's narrative

Even though the storyline is convoluted, there is a simple, provocative theme at its core.

The television show's narrative is of oppression. It is also about the map that too many people must navigate in their lives and the existential reality that we are all controlled and subjugated into roles orchestrated by shadowy, corrupt leaders. It is this simple core theme that has held the sisters together in one way or another over the years.

It is a human idea that has titillated fans and one they are sure to miss when "Orphan Black" ends. In the meantime, viewers are focused on the show's last season; a season that promises not to disappoint the popular series' devotees. "Orphan Black" has proven to be a ground breaking sci-fi classic that will no doubt magnetize aficionados for years to come. Who knows? In addition to comic books, there could be 'Orphan Black' movies in the future.