"Narcos" is a crime series, which was created and produced by Chris Bracanto, Carlo Bernard, and Doug Miro. The series was released on the streaming platform "Netflix" received high praise. A season 2 quickly followed and recently the trailer for season 3 of "Narcos" was released online. Fans were treated to a sneak peek of what they can expect from the hit series this season.

All eyes are on the Cali Cartel

According to Deadline, the focus for season 3 of "Narcos" will be returning to the all-powerful Cali Cartel. The Cartel has four leaders or kings as they are commonly referred to, and are the richest drug cartel in the world.

Their leader is a man by the name of Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela who runs the entire operation.

His brother Pacho Herrera is also involved in the cartel but at a much lower level as an on the ground, out of sight hit man. His character also handles the distribution of the drugs to Mexico and maintains their international connection across the border.

With every cartel, there is the intellectual one who keeps the rest of his gang out of trouble. For the Cali Cartel, the character of Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela who finds the safest way to get the job done fulfills this role. Finally, "Narcos" character Chepe Santacruz Londono operates the Satellite empire of the drug network in Columbia.

New additions to join the DEA

According to the Independent, actor Pedro Pascal will be returning as a member of the DEA who is intent on finding a way to infiltrate and put an end to the Cali Cartel. Joining him on screen in season three of "Narcos" is Matias Varela who will be taking on the important role of the Cali Cartel's head of security.

However, Varela puts his family ahead of the leaders of the Cali Cartel and this could land him in some serious trouble this season.

Season 3 of "Narcos" will also see a newcomer to the drug business by the name of Arturo Castro who does not want to follow his father Miguel's footsteps by becoming a key member to the cartel structure.

The cartel's money launderer will also be introduced this season and will unknowingly put his wife's life in danger.

The drug lords are not the only ones growing in number in season 3 as it has been confirmed that the DEA will be getting two new additions to their ranks. According to JOE, Chris Feistl and Daniel Van Ness are two very inexperienced and over enthusiastic individuals who will add to the growing ranks of the DEA.

"Narcos" season 3 is due to return to the streaming platform Netflix in September. Fans of the series will not have to wait too long for the next season of the series premieres.