Netflix’s crime series, Narcos is set to return for season 3 this year. Fans are excited about what the new season could offer especially that the drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar (Wagner Moura) has been killed off in the second installment. Will a new drug kingpin take over Escobar’s place?

What to expect on “Narcos” season 3

The first two seasons of “Narcos” had talked about Pablo Escobar’s life and his downfall in 1993. For the upcoming season, the Cali cartel will reportedly take over Pablo Escobar’s place.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, “Narcos” actor Wagner Moura revealed his thoughts about Cali cartel’s Gilberto Orejuela (Damian Alcazar) taking over his place as the villain of the series.

He praised Alcazar as a great actor and added that his portrayal to the new series villain will be awesome.

The confirmation of the new villain was revealed in an announcement video released by Netflix where the image of Pablo Escobar was replaced by Cali cartel’s Gilberto’s photo with the caption, “The blow must go on.”

However, the executive producer of the show, Eric Newman stated that there is no such thing as replacing Pablo Escobar.

Cali cartel started after Pacho walked out from Pablo Escobar’s Medellin cartel in order to join Jose Santacruz Londono, Gilberto, and Miguel to form a new drug syndicate.

"Unlike Escobar, who had positioned himself as an outlaw, Cali was very much a part of the system," Newman told the reporters.

He also added that Escobar was a single-celled organism while Cali cartel is a complex and multi-celled organism.

Moreover, Newman revealed that Gilberto will not be the only villain for the upcoming season. He revealed there will be other three Cali godfathers who will be making the story more complicated and interesting. Miguel Rodriguez, Pacho Herrera and someone named “Chepe” is yet to enter the “Narcos” universe.

Premiere Date

Netflix had already confirmed season 3 and 4 for “Narcos.” There has been no official release date of the series but according to the series’ history, the third season could be released in August or September 2017, just like its first and second season’s release date.

“Narcos” season 3 will be executive produced by Jose Padilha and Eric Newman.

It will star Pedro Pascal, Damian Alcazar, Kerry Bishe, Francisco Denis, Alberto Ammann, Michael Stahl-David and Matt Whelan. Actor Boyd Holbrook, who portrayed the role of Steve Murphy in the first two seasons will not be reprising his role.