For the past few Weeks, speculations about Mindy Kaling's pregnancy circulated on social media. However, the 38-year old actress neither confirmed or denied the issue until she was interviewed by Willie Geist for Today. In the said interview, Kaling finally confirmed that she is indeed pregnant and that she herself was surprised by the pregnancy.

Nevertheless, she expressed her joy and delight that she is going to be a mother soon. She also admitted that while there are lots of things in her life that she has control of, the gift of pregnancy has given her a taste of how it's like not to have control of something and she shared that it's a whole new experience for her.

The full interview is scheduled to air on September 10, but the teaser has already garnered lots of views from the fans.

Mindy Kaling also shared that she wanted to follow the footsteps of her mother when it comes to parenting style. She revealed that she and her late mother had a very close relationship and she wanted to embrace the fierceness and the devotion that her mother showed them when she was still alive. The "A Wrinkle In Time" actress also revealed that she wants to instill open-mindedness to her children and give her all-out support to their dreams and aspirations in the future.

Journey to motherhood

In previous interviews, Mindy Kaling revealed that she wants to have her own children before she gets too old.

It is a known fact that "The Mindy Project" star is not in a romantic relationship right now, which has made the fans curious about the father of the child that she is carrying.

Some of her former boyfriends are speculated to be the possible father of her child, with BJ Novak leading the list. However, some also speculate that she might have undergone a medical procedure like an IVF, in order for her to get pregnant without needing a partner. As of writing, Kaling has yet to reveal the father of her baby.

Welcome to the world of parenting

In the current age of social media, parenting seems to be getting a lot more advanced and it's getting easier to point out the flaws of fellow parents. Mom-shaming or dad-shaming is very prevalent in social media right now and now that Mindy Kaling is a parent-to-be, she reveals that she is excited to be part of the woozy world of parenting.

She admitted that it's very easy for non-parents to criticize how parents are rearing their children. Now that she's already on the same page as other parents, Kaling said that she is excited to share her own opinions and thoughts about parenting as a fellow parent.