The singer-songwriter, Miley Cyrus released the title track off her coming album along with its music video, on Friday. This is the second visual from her sixth studio albumYounger Now” that was directed by Diane Martel and co-directed by Billy Ray Cyrus.

It was written by Miley Cyrus herself and co-produced along with Orean Yoel, a persistent and favorite collaborator of hers. According to E! News, the video song has already accumulated more than 500,000 viewers on YouTube. Ever since she released her first single “Malibu” with its introspective tone, it was obvious that her artistic ambitions were revealing more personal realities rather than pushing melodic experimentation.

The multi-talented star became a teen idol when she starred in her character as “Miley Stewart” with her father Billy Ray Cyrus in the Disney television series “Hannah Montana”.

Miley Cyrus’ new single is a millennium anthem

The new video song seems to speak to Cyrus’ revitalized acknowledgement of all facets of herself. The 24-year-old singer is not afraid of owning her past reflections as it helps to move her forward. The tone and spirit of “Younger Now” reflects a new version of her soul as she is trying to get better with time. It seems the music-star has been disclosing her own story with more openness than she has in years.

The new song details an autobiographical sketch in respect of her vision to enjoy the changes of life from one phase to the next.

The song-writer embraces the changes of life, and that objective is coming through in the music. The lyrically powerful song can also be taken as an enthusiastic anthem for young girls, looking to celebrate the twists and turns of young life.

'Wrecking Ball' hit-maker pays tribute to Elvis Presley

elvis presley was a dominant figure in the evolution of rock and roll music.The multi-talented star pays homage to the late “King of Rock and Roll” Elvis Presley, as he is one of her biggest inspirations and most of her music is intensely influenced by him.

According to the website Rolling-Stone, the accompanying music video features lots of phenomenal scenes like Cyrus hanging out with a lively group of older people in an amusement park, singing to a puppet and ending with a choreographed dance. "The Best of Both Worlds" star is set to release her album on September 29. It seems that the new song, "Younger Now" will definitely be another hit on the top charts.