A "Veep" actor is joining "Great News" for season 2. Reid Scott will be turning up on the NBC show for a multi-episode story arc.

Reid Scott will play Jeremy who is described as a "highly intelligent New York Times reporter,” as per E! News. Jeremy becomes drawn to Katie, played by lead star Briga Heelan, as the two journalists follow a story and eventually end up being romantic.

Reid Scott's character will appear in the second season's fourth episode and will be a recurring role. How long the actor will stay on “Great News,” however, has not been detailed but the romance between Katie and Jeremy might be short-lived.

Katie and Greg

Jeremy's presence on "Great News," however, will temporarily set aside the potential romance between Katie and her boss, Greg (Adam Campbell). In season 1, the two almost kissed but then Greg still has a girlfriend.

Show creator Tracey Wigfield, however, said that something exciting might happen between Katie and Greg in the “later part of the season.”

"Hopefully it will come to ahead in some exciting way,” Wigfield told E! News.

Katie and Trip

Katie also had one boyfriend featured in the first season. Tom Dewey (“Casual”) guest starred as Trip who works as a freelance war photographer on “Great News.”

But Trip and Katie’s relationship did not last due to the meddling of her mother, Carol (Andrea Martin), who found out that Trip comes from old money.

Katie had to break up with him, but Trip was relieved because he did not like that Carol did a background check on him.

Tina Fey also guest stars

Last week, Tina Fey also joined “Great News” Season 2 for a multi-episode guest appearance. Fey will play Diana St. Tropez, who is the new head of MNN, the fictional TV network. Wigfield said that Fey’s character is like "Sheryl Sandberg on steroids,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Incidentally, Fey is also an executive producer for “Great News.” She and Wigfield previously worked together on Fey’s hit series “30 Rock.”

"Great News" premiered on NBC last April and ran for ten episodes. Following its debut, the network immediately renewed the show for a second season for 13 episodes, which will begin airing Thursday, Sept.

28 at 9:30 p.m. EDT.

Set in the world of television, the show follows a news producer (Heelan) who takes in her mom (Martin) as her intern. The show also stars Nicole Richie, John Michael Higgins, and Horatio Sanz. Wigfield has a recurring role as the network’s weather girl.