Miley Cyrus has been very open in sharing her process and perspective in creating her sixth album, and on Monday night, the singer-songwriter shared the best details with fans. Miley Cyrus announced via her website that her new album will be released on September 29, making the wait just about six more weeks or so.

Ever since Miley revealed her single “Malibu,” with its simple, reflective tone, it was clear that her artistic journey was taking on more personal truths than pushing musical experimentation. Her family and others with whom she has shared the finished songs feel that the music reflects more true Miley Cyrus “roots” than any other project.

The songwriter shared some of her cherished, youthful reflections in another song from the collection, “Inspired.” Listeners can soon embrace the full scope of the 24-year-old’s trek back to her true self, and feel the years fade away.

Older, wiser, and ‘Younger Now’

Miley Cyrus made the news of her album’s title in her own artistic style, in a kind of worn-rope style across a black leather jacket bearing lots of bedazzling. “Younger Now” seems to speak not only to the “back to basics” themes of the music but perhaps even more to Miley Cyrus’ rejuvenated acceptance of all aspects of herself. The two-word proclamation in the title seems to hearken back to Bob Dylan's “My Back Pages,” and Miley Cyrus certainly has been opening her own story up with more vulnerability and honesty than she has in years.

Even her wardrobe choices from her closet reflect a new openness from Miley Cyrus. For her May concert performance on “Today,” when fans first heard live versions of her new songs, she wore a crisp white jacket and her broad-brimmed Stetson. Her July feature in Harper's Bazaar displayed her best natural features, those pools of eyes, no makeup, flowing skirts, and cozy sweaters surrounding the singer.

Everything she has touched over recent months has evoked a call to the natural, to the roots, to recollections that matter.

Shout-out to dad

Miley Cyrus has never failed to give tribute to her parents for their constant support and the grounding in country music heritage that came from both her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, and her godmother, Dolly Parton.

Miley wants “Younger Now” to let “people see that this is who I am now,” and she still defends the right of any person, including herself, to change through life—as part of painting a life canvas. For his part, dad Billy Ray raves over his daughter's latest effort, saying that “this is her leaning into her roots more than I've ever heard. For her, this is honest.”

Fans will feel more of the Cyrus family love for the coming season of “The Voice,” because Billy Ray Cyrus will serve as team advisor to his daughter’s singers.

Miley is also slated to perform on August 27 at the MTV Video Music Awards, and with any luck, perhaps another new song from the album will be offered. She has described “Younger Now” as being her way of giving “the world a hug.” Regardless of song selection, Miley Cyrus has made a choice for personal and creative self-acceptance that deserves to be applauded and welcomed with a hug back.