Miley Cyrus surely generated a whirlwind of change in her lifestyle and image. Before, the former Disney actress was just emerging from being a child actress towards her adulthood and of course her “Wrecking Ball” image that raised a lot of tabloid’s brows.

But during those transitions, Miley Cyrus was also able to find what she wanted to fight for. Aside from being an actress, singer, and performer, she became one of the most prominent celebrities that raises the flag for LGBT rights. In the end, she might have gone partying like crazy, but she’s with a lot of friends right now.

Miley Cyrus opens up about her life with Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus’ personal life was also under the spotlight whether she’s engaged, broken up or back again with Liam Hemsworth. This part of her life went on a positive road too. Just recently, the pair started posting pictures in reference with each other, confirming the rumors that they are indeed getting married soon.

It was her beau that started the sweetness when he posted a picture of them side by side, on a couch. Liam had his sunglasses on while Miley rocked her simple look. The post went viral with the caption, “My little angel and I.”

The actress followed by a picture of her with a guitar, showing off some of her tattoos. And we are assuming that Liam took the photo with the caption “Seems all I can do… is write songs about YOU.” Those are either her emotions or a snippet of another hit song she will be performing soon.

No wonder "Malibu" was well done. After all, her sources of inspiration look great!

While the soon-to-be-wed couple is apart for a while filming and songwriting, Miley also talked about her sister who’s starting to make a name in the music scene, Noah Cyrus.

Miley reflects on her career

Miley spoke in an “Ask Anything Chat” YouTube video about her sister while promoting her song, “Malibu”.

When asked about being on stage with Noah, she said it “was fun, we played with water guns, we kind of sing together but afterwards she spits on me.” Sounds sister-like, “she actually spits in my mouth as I was speaking.” Um, okay then.

Even though the 24-year-old actress gushes over Hemsworth constantly, she never fails to be proud of her siblings as well, especially on Instagram.

Before her post with a guitar emerged, she posted a younger-looking photo of her and Noah with the caption “Sista Sista @noahcyrus. Slayin’ since ’02 lol”.

Now that is a better and bubblier Miley Cyrus we can keep watching.