Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were reported to have their TV reunion following their split in 2005 finally. Radar Online has reported that Jimmy Kimmel, their mutual pals, is setting up the couple for a certain "Tell all" TV reunion. Apparently, "Jimmy Kimmel Live" show wanted to make a history and get this former couple back together on his show. An insider has revealed to Radar that such TV reunion is not far from happening soon.

The Grand Plan for the reunion

Apparently, it would be Kimmel's grand plan to facilitate a "Tell All" interview with these personalities on his late night show.

It has been reported that Kimmel, Pitt, and Aniston had been good friends for a long time. Hence, it would be a lot possible for the TV host to pull off the highly anticipated reunion of these two stars in one segment of "Jimmy Kimmel Live." Meanwhile, amid the news, Pitt and Aniston are yet to confirm or give comment about their alleged reunion.

Further, their followers are still looking forward that somehow their reunion on TV will happen soon. The former couple might have ended their relationship a couple of years ago; however, their fans would love to see them both together again as good friends.

Public appearance

The speculation about the possible reunion of Pitt and Aniston had started to rage online when everyone began to believe that this is now the right time for the former couple to appear in public once more.

As per a report from Radar Online, it was revealed that Kimmel had sent Pitt a message while telling him that his presence is very much welcome on his show. Further, Kimmel will even love it more if Pitt will try to visit him on the show even in the backstage area.

An insider has also shared to Radar Online that Pitt has been one of the priorities of Kimmel.

Hence, he would always want Pitt to drop off his show. Further, Kimmel has also believed that it is about time for the former couple to step out in public amid the news of their split in 2005. To recall, Pitt has already been divorced from estranged wife, Angelina Jolie, and hence, their reunion will no longer create some issues among them.

Whether or not the TV reunion between Pitt and Aniston will happen, Kimmel is yet to confirm the news. Nevertheless, the late night show host believed that their reunion is not far from happening. He added that the three of them are good friends and have trusted each other a lot for quite a long time.