Miley Cyrus was recently interviewed by her fans in a video where she answered questions her fans had sent in. The singer answered many different questions including some about her sister Noah. Noah Cyrus began her own Music Career earlier this year. Miley opened up about her communication with her sister as well as the possibility of a collaboration between the pair further down the line.

Miley reveals that Noah does not text back

In an interview with Ask Anything Chat, the singer accepted a series of questions from fans. Miley answered all of the questions and the video can be seen online.

According to Just Jared, when asked about her sister Noah Miley had something to say on the matter. One of the fans asked if Miley could text her sister. They wanted to see what Noah had to say about her and Miley recording a song together.

However, Miley stated that her little sister probably would not text back. Miley laughed and told her fans that her younger sister is the worst at texting back. Miley claims that she messages Noah all the time but hardly ever hears back from her. Some tabloids have tried to take this comment and claim that the sisters are not talking. However, this is not the case.

The sisters have a great relationship. Miley acts as a sounding board for her younger sister and often gives her advice on how to handle life in the music industry.

Miley has introduced her young sisters on stage and has posted messages of support for the up and coming star.

A possible duet between the singers

According to Elle, Miley was also asked how she would feel about singing a duet with Noah. This question excited the artist and she revealed that she would love to record a duet with her younger sister.

As for right now, however, Miley does not see it happening. Both the sisters are incredibly busy and the moment and Miley has only recently revealed her new image to the world.

As well as this, Noah is only just beginning her music career. The up and coming artist is often compared to her older sister. If the pair were to record a duet now it is likely that Noah will suffer the consequences.

However, Miley is not ruling it out. She said that it definitely would not be happening for this album but the singer claimed that maybe they could duet for the next one.

Noah Cyrus has not commented on her sister's interviews. Fans of the sisters are wondering what Noah thinks about a potential duet with her older sister. Fan of both Noah and Miley would love to see them collaborate. However, the singers would have a lot to consider before they make that kind of decision.