The reunion of "Married at First Sight" Season 5 aired on Lifetime on Thursday, August 3, 2017. For the first time in five seasons, all three couples have remained married. The experts were very happy and viewers were quite surprised.

The experts, Pastor Roberson, Dr. Pepper Schwartz and Rachel DeAlto held their breaths as they waited to find out if the three couples were still married based on the history of the reality show where couples met at the altar as strangers and got married.

The timeline

It would help for viewers to know the timeline of the reunion.

According to what the couples have posted on Twitter, they got married on August 4, 2016. Decision Day happened eight weeks later when they said they decided to stay married. What viewers saw on Thursday, August 3 was actually filmed in November 2016 after the couples had been married for three months. Therefore, in real time, all the couples have been married for one year.

Nate and Sheila

Toward the end of the social experiment, Nate and Sheila's marriage was laced with numerous arguments. Viewers wondered if they wanted to stay married especially since Sheila said more than once that she didn't want to be with Nate. However, on Decision Day she indicated they were going to stay married. At the reunion, they said they were still married.

There was a sigh of relief from the experts when Nate and Sheila gave them the good news. They also gave a good report about Nate's mother who initially disapproved of the marriage. She has finally accepted the union and that has delighted both Sheila and Nate.

Cody and Danielle

The timeline is important to know especially when it comes to the marriage of Cody and Danielle.

Even though the experts raised their eyebrows when Cody said they hadn't had sex yet, it was back in November which was three months when Cody admitted it. In real time, they have been married for one year. Perhaps their marriage has been consummated by now.

Anthony and Ashley

There had been a tease that Anthony and Ashley might be expecting a baby, but they are not.

They still plan to start a family, but so far they are enjoying getting to know each other. Anthony didn't want to move close to Ashley's sister, but they indicated that they are living in the same building and things are going well.

This season featured couples in Chicago. The next season will focus on Boston couples. However, a premiere date for Season 6 has not yet been announced.