"Married at First Sight" comes to an end on Thursday, July 27. The three couples will give the experts and viewers their decision about whether they want to stay married or if they want to Divorce. The social experience is over after eight weeks that started when the couples met and married at the altar.

Since then, they have been on their honeymoon, moved in together, and two of the couples consummated their marriage. When things were going wrong, the experts sent them on a second honeymoon to work things out. Nate and Sheila decided not to go.

Instead, they stayed home to work things out since they were having a lot of heated arguments.

None of the three couples are going into Decision Day on solid ground. However, nobody knows for sure until they hear it out of the couples' own mouths. Viewers who have been watching the series since it debuted on July 8, 2014 know that even though the couples say they want to stay married, some of them divorce after the finale.

Will Sheila and Nate stay married?

Fans don't believe Sheila and Nate will stay married. They have had too many arguments for that to happen. Sheila left home once and said she was over with the marriage. They have such a volatile marriage that fans believe it is best if they go their separate ways.

Fans thought Nate's brother living with them would cause a problem in the marriage, but it didn't. Nate's mother was a problem. As bad as the situation was with her, she can't be blamed for the breakup. However, she will definitely be glad if they do divorce.

Nate, 26, has expressed all season how much he wanted to be married to Sheila, 30, but during the last few weeks of their marriage, he admitted he is having second thoughts.

Will Ashley and Anthony stay married?

Fans don't believe Ashley and Anthony will stay married. Anthony reveals he has doubts about their marriage for several main reasons. Anthony, 33, is concerned that Ashley, 30, doesn't want to change her last name. He is also concerned that Ashley wants to start a family right away. He admits they have different timelines for having children.

He is also worried about Ashley's family's involvement in their marriage.

Will Danielle and Cody stay married?

Viewers will be surprised if Danielle and Cody stay married. That's because they have been married for eight weeks and have not consummated their marriage. Cody, 26, and his wife Danielle, 30, are the only couple who haven't been intimate. Fans can't understand how either one of them could think that's normal.

Watch the finale on Thursday, July 27 on Lifetime at 8 p.m. to see who will stay married and who will divorce.