Blac Chyna has been taking advantage of the publicity she has gained after Rob leaked nude photos of her last month. After taking out a tempory restraining order against the father of her daughter Dream, Chyna has been working non-stop. She's been making a huge chunk of money getting paid for club appearances and she recently teamed up with hip-hop's highest selling female MC Nicki Minaj to shoot a video with the two racing each other in their foreign vehicles.

The energy from the collabo with Minaj may have really inspired the former stripper to seek a career in music herself.

TMZ reported that Chyna apparently wants to be the next Nicki Minaj and is indeed looking to get her new hustle started immediately. It is not known if she writes her own lyrics or will need some assistance, but it will be interesting to see how she transitions and what kind of artist she will eventually become.

She has a son with former Young Money artist Tyga, who certainly has plenty of skills himself and could offer some assistance to his ex. It is unknown as of yet if Chyna will use that resource but in the meantime, she seems to have formed an authentic friendship with the Grammy Award winning Minaj who could help her more than anyone. Then again, hip-hop is competitive like a sport and with Remy Ma aiming for the crown already, Nicki may not be that eager to lend a helping hand.

Music experience and marketing potential

One of the biggest questions for a new artist arriving on the music scene is are they marketable? Chyna does not have any experience as a rapper, despite her aim to be the next Nicki Minaj.

On a recent episode of Nick Cannon's "Wild N' Out," she was given the opportunity to rap on one of the segments of the show. However, she instead asked for assistance from her teammates that were on stage with her.

So, the crowd in attendance did not get a chance to get a sneak peak of Chyna's possible rhyming skills. But if she wants fans to take her serious in any kind of way, she will have to save the 8 Mile moments for the big screen or the world will not be as lenient as the crowd on a Nick Cannon show.

Fortunately for Chyna, her name has become a trending topic, which will make it easier for her to be marketed. With the backing of a major label, she could have the necessary tools needed to assist her in the studio when it is time to show the world what she can do.

Visiting record labels

According to "Clevver News," Blac Chyna has scheduled meetings with several record labels already and has already had a sit down with the execs at Capital Records. With the amount of fame she has already been able to acquire, Chyna could have a record deal in no time and the world could be hearing a new single as well pretty soon.