The third season of "Narcos" on Netflix will pick up after the death of Pablo Escobar. New leaders in the drug trade will emerge from the Cali Cartel, who will run the operations like a Fortune 500 company.

According to Screen Crush, part of "Narcos" Season 3 was filmed in the streets New York as the Cali Cartel's trade has gone global. Netflix unleashed a new trailer depicting places from the city. One scene showed a confrontation between drug dealers inside a local barbershop.

A few "Narcos" trucks also appeared during the show's filming in New York.

The production gave away some swag to the public, which included free Colombian coffee and some donuts.

The rise of a new empire

"Narcos" Season 3 goes by a new subtitle: "Rise of a New Empire." The season's synopsis from Netflix states that four key players, described as "powerful godfathers," will oversee how the Cali Cartel operates.

These Cali Cartel key players are Gilberto Orejuela (Damian Alcazar), Miguel Rodriguez (Francisco Denis), Pacho Herrera (Alberto Ammann) and Chepe Santacruz Londono (Pepe Rapazote). They keep their trade out of the headlines by paying off people generously.

A different kind of villain

The Cali Cartel flourished in its operations worldwide because the godfathers bribed politicians, the police and businessmen.

Theirs was a multi-level trade, which made Pablo Escobar's Medellin cartel’s trade so small by comparison.

"Unlike Escobar, who had positioned himself as an outlaw, Cali was very much a part of the system," “Narcos” showrunner Eric Newman said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. In just two years after Escobar's demise, the Cali Cartel already controlled 90 percent of the global demand for cocaine.

Agent Javier Peña returns with new agents

Pedro Pascal's DEA Agent Javier Peña will return for "Narcos" Season 3. He will be part of the group that will take down the new cocaine empire.

Boyd Holbrook's Agent Steve Murphy, however, will no longer be in the series. Filling the role as Peña's partners are agents Chris Feistl (Michael Stahl-David) and Daniel Van Ness (Matt Whelan).

The trio will first try to take down the cartel in Colombia, where "Narcos" Season 3 filmed on location a few months ago. But as Pascal told Jimmy Kimmel on his late night show, by the time the DEA went back to Colombia, the Cali Cartel has already overrun Miami, Florida with cocaine and has slowly taken over New York.

"Narcos" Season 3 will be launched on Netflix on Sept. 1.