"Married at First Sight" finale aired on Thursday night, July 27, 2017. The Lifetime social experience was about couples who met and married at the altar. Viewers followed the three couples during their eight-week marriage to see how they would adjust to having married a stranger. The couples went on their honeymoon, found a place to live and moved in together. They had ups and downs, highs and lows. In fact, one couple's volatile relationship had caused fans to think they would decide to Divorce. On Decision Day, all of the couples were nervous and didn't know what they would decide to do.

Viewers were quite surprised by what the couples decided.

Ashley and Anthony

Ashley and Anthony were the first to speak to the experts. Ashley was asked what she had decided to do. She indicated that the last eight weeks have been amazing. Even though she was concerned that Anthony had not said he loved her, she told the experts she wanted to stay married. Then it was Anthony's turn to give his answer. While the experts and viewers waited, Anthony said he loved Ashley and he wanted to stay married to her. Ashley was delighted to hear those words. She responded by telling Anthony she loved him too. The experts were pleased to hear the good news that Ashley and Anthony had decided to continue being married.

Danielle and Cody

Danielle and Cody had to decide if they wanted to continue in a marriage that had not been consummated in eight weeks. People expected them to divorce. Danielle was the first to say they had invested a lot into the marriage. Therefore, she wanted to continue to see if they could make their marriage work. Cody admitted that he was concerned about the lack of sex in their marriage, but he was willing to give his marriage another chance.

Therefore, he wanted to stay married.

Sheila and Nate

Sheila and Nate started their marriage in a way that fans had no doubt they would make it work. During the last few weeks, they have had some very volatile arguments which made fans think they would call it quits. Sheila told Nate she wanted to be his wife until the day she dies.

When it was Nate's turn to speak, he took Sheila’s hands in his and said he loved her and he promised to never give up on her. He concluded he also wanted to stay married.

Out of the three couples, all of them said they would remain married. Fans should not jump for joy based on the couples' decisions. In past seasons, couples have said on Decision Day they wanted to stay married and by the time they met to give the experts an update they had changed their mind. The preview for next week's reunion special showed that some of the couples might have changed their mind about staying married.