It is an exciting time for every “NCIS” fan, cast and crew. Mark Harmon will be joined actress, Maria Bello, will be present in most episodes as a series regular. This fills the hole left by Jennifer Esposito’s character, Alexandra Quinn. It seems like an exciting year for the actress since she is also joining the cast of “The Walking Dead.”

Two months before the premiere of “NCIS” Season 15 first episode, we are practically sure it will continue having its previous set of cast – strong and better than before. This is after the rumors of Mark Harmon leaving the show and was later on debunked.

Maria Bello excited to work with Mark Harmon and other ‘NCIS’ cast members

Maria Bello expressed her excitement on social media by praising her new co-stars Sean Murray, Wilmer Valderrama, Emily Wickersham, Pauley Perrette – who also signed up to be in NCIS season 15 - including Mark Harmon himself whom she cited as a “mensch” in which according to our dictionaries, is a person of honor. Great words there Bello!

Wilmer Valderrama also helped on getting the news out by posting an 18-second video of him with Emily Wickersham on Twitter where he said, “We wanted to make it official. I know some of you guys may have heard but if you have not, Maria Bello is joining the NCIS family! We can’t wait to have you on set.

And everyone, get ready, it is about to be a crazy season.” Additionally, CBS did announce the actress’ inclusion.

‘NCIS’ Season 15 picks up on the last Season 14 episode

With these in toll, it seems like it is going to be a good year of positivity on the set of the long-running show. But how about the characters? Are they going to gain more or lose more agents in future?

Some actors did exit the show but we can expect the others who left, would be back just like in the past episodes.

So far, we can confirm that the initial episode of Season 15 will pick up where it left off, digging up new cases for our entertainment. Maria Bello’s character will be an agent who will adjust to Agent Leroy Gibbs’ standards and procedures.

According to CBS, her role would “second guess and challenge” Harmon’s character to some extent.

Although the role is yet to be named, she is said to be a forensic psychologist and just like Bello’s praise for Harmon, she eventually gets the chance to have their characters dive into a close and unique bond.

Let us catch the first episode of NCIS Season 15 on September 26 starring Mark Harmon, Maria Bello and more.