Kylie Jenner has shocked the world with an announcement in her trailer for her show "Life of Kylie." The star reveals in the episode that she never got the opportunity to go to her high school's prom. This is just one of the milestones in the star's life that she had to miss because of her celebrity status. Fans have gotten a brand new perspective of the kind of sacrifices that celebrities such as Kylie have to make.

Jenner extremely upset at not going to prom

According to the Daily Mail, "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star Kylie Jenner never got the chance to go to her High School Prom.

Kylie opened up about missing the important milestone and said that she was not allowed to attend because she was being homeschooled at the time. Jenner revealed that she was very upset when she learned she would not be able to experience her prom.

Kylie stated that when the prom finally came around, she had to unfollow all of her friends from school on social media. She worried that they probably thought at the time that she hated them but insisted that this was not the reason for unfollowing their accounts. Jenner revealed that she could not bring herself to watch them all having fun at the prom when she could not attend.

The revelation that the star never attended her high school prom was announced on a teaser of an episode of Kylie's new show "Life of Kylie." Since the announcement, Kylie's fans have realized that the celebrity has had to sacrifice some important milestones of her life in order to live her luxurious lifestyle.

Kylie tries on her first-ever prom dresses

In the teaser trailer for Kylie's new reality TV series titled "Life of Kylie," the star is shown trying on some prom dresses with her assistant Victoria. Jenner never had the chance to try on prom dresses before as she reveals to her assistant that she never went to her own prom.

Victoria is shocked by Kylie's statement, and the celebrity explains to her assistant and friend the circumstances surrounding her inability to attend the event.

Kylie told Victoria that it was a sad time in her life, and all she wanted was to go to prom with her friends. In the episode, Kylie is trying to find a prom dress to surprise one of her fans Albert for his high school prom.

This announcement came as a surprise to fans of the Kardashians. While Kylie was unable to attend her own prom, the celebrity will get to attend her fan Albert's prom as she intends to surprise him as his prom date.