Mama June is really living up to the title of her reality show, "Mama June: From Not To Hot" because with her 300-pound weight loss, it's hard for people not to be impressed with her transformation. It is worth noting, however, that The 300-pound weight loss was a mix of diet and surgical procedures. Shedding off all those fats with diet alone can take forever and can bring massive stretch marks plus saggy and flabby skin. That said, Mama June clearly went under the knife to reach her current body weight and although it can be considered as a short cut, it wasn't an easy ride for the reality star, who still went through rough times in the documented episodes.

However, the tedious progress of weight loss rewarded Mama June with the body that she longed to have and according to Entertainment Tonight, she is determined to keep the fats from coming back. The 37-year old reality star is truly enjoying her current body weight and is willing to do everything to keep maintain her current body mass index.

Low profile while keeping the weight away

The reality show "Mama June: From Not To Hot" aired its finale episode last April and the reality star has been keeping a low profile since then. Many of the fans are curious if she managed to keep off the weight while some are worried that she might have suffered a relapse, hence, the rare public appearances.

Realistically speaking, Mama June's weight loss transformation was truly a massive one, considering that her weight peaked at 460 pounds only to end up at approximately 132 pounds.

For some of the fans who were struggling with their weight, the reality show served as an inspiration to lose weight.

Team effort

June Shannon's successful weight loss journey wouldn't have been possible without the team of professionals who helped her holistically. Aside from doctors and surgeons who helped in getting her body back in shape, she was also backed up by a personal trainer and dieticians and nutritionists.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Shannon once said in an interview in April that she is determined not to relapse and go back to her old body. Although it won't be easy maintaining her weight, the reality star believes that self-discipline and the support of friends and family will help her in achieving her goals. Additionally, the weight loss journey itself - with all the tears and hardships that Mama June went through- was more than enough to make Mama June decided that she will do whatever it takes not to become overweight again.