Mama June Shannon is undoubtedly thinner after her "From Not to Hot" transformation. However, dubious claims have folks doubting the reality television show's veracity. The former star of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" boasts size 4 after bariatric surgery, a weight- loss of 300 pounds, breast implants and other plastic surgery. But the numbers don't add up and these inconsistencies could mar the reality TV star's makeover.

Mama June: 'My 600-lb Life'?

Since around 2013, the mom of child pageant star "Honey Boo Boo" Alana Thompson has been boasting a 100-150-lb weight-loss.

But, Mama June said, folks did not believe her assertions. The 37-year-old claimed to lose weight simply with exercise and not much change in diet. When she did start to appear thinner in 2015, fans asked if she had bariatric surgery. June denied this but then fessed up on "From Not to Hot" that yes, she underwent gastric bypass surgery earlier that year. The reality television star says she started the WEtv show at 460 pounds which would have put her at "My 600-lb Life" weight in 2013.

Mama June size 4 at 160 or more pounds?

Exactly what Shannon weighed when she began "From Not to Hot" is one mystery, but so are her spurrious size claims. In one episode, the mom of four said she started at size 22 which is nowhere near large enough to fit a 460-lb woman.

Daughters "Pumpkin" Lauryn Shannon and Alana Thompson keep talking mom's size 4 "transformation" since losing 300 pounds, but that would put her at 160 pounds which is more like size 8-10. It's also, ironically, overweight on the BMI (body mass index). Depending on height, 160 pounds would fall in the obesity category. And then there's her major boob job add-on.

Mama June's DD breast implants fit size 4?

Shannon could possibly wear size 4 pants at 160 pounds, after her tummy tuck and skin removal and other plastic surgery. But the celebrity of "From Not to Hot" also had major breast augmentation. She was pondering size F bra size but Honey Boo Boo and Pumpkin talked her down to a more reasonable double D breast lift.

There's no way that that boob job would fit a size 4 blouse or dress. Even a C or D cup size requires size 10-12 shirts. If June is fudging clothing size and weight-loss claims, will it cast doubt on the entire reality television show?