Selena Gomez is an internationally recognized singer and actor who first came to the world’s attention through her role as Alex on the Disney Channel show "Wizards of Waverly Place." Since leaving the Disney Channel, Gomez has been focused on her singing career and has recently opened up about the trajectory of her career and her personal life. Gomez spoke about dating "The Weeknd" and what she learned from her past relationships.

Gomez opens up about her career

According to E! News, Selena Gomez recently sat down and opened up about her career to date.

The "Fetish" singer stated how strange it is that things can change so quickly in life and compared her present success to her break last year in 2016. Gomez stated that she is glad that she went to rehab at the time for the issues she was having and that she is beyond happy with the way everything has turned out.

The star talked about how easy everything was when she just a child on the Disney channel and stated that now as an adult singer and actor she is a role model to young girls and boys. Gomez takes this responsibility very seriously and has stated that it is simply part of the territory.

According to E!, the singer could not be happier with the way things are right now. She has recently released new tracks including "Bad Liar" and "Fetish" and is excited to take her music in a brand new direction.

She stated that she is proud of the path she has taken with her career and appears to be at peace with her professional life.

The singer talks relationships both past and present

Selena Gomez spoke easily about her relationship with "The Weeknd" and stated that he is more like a best friend than an influence in her life. Gomez stated that she is not the kind of person to rely on her romantic life as a source of her happiness but has revealed that she is currently very happy in her relationship with "The Weeknd."

The star spoke candidly, about how her ex Justin Bieber taught her a lot about what she should not look for in a relationship.

According to The Sun, Gomez stated that Bieber made her feel very insecure in herself and this caused her to be easily influenced by her boyfriend at the time.

She stated that it is important to have a relationship that adds to one's life and not someone who controls it. Gomez and Bieber had an on and off relationship from the years 2010 to 2015.

Gomez has revealed that their relationship was not healthy for either of them and that they both decided to call it quits back in 2015.

Fans of Gomez were extremely impressed by the celebrity's honesty and have praised Gomez for not relying on a man for her happiness.