Mama June Shannon is seen in a hospital bed with the doctor telling her that her condition is not what they originally thought it was. She is seen listening to her doctor after she was admitted to the hospital via an ambulance ride from home.

This is how next week's special episode begins after the season finale ended with a cliffhanger of sirens blaring as Mama June was transported to the hospital in horrific pain. The trailer for next week's special episode of "Mama June: From Not to Hot" seems to suggest that Mama June's condition will be revealed to the fans.

Suddenly stricken

So, what is June experiencing that has put her in this much pain and why is the doctor saying she is suffering from something they didn't expect? The pain was originating from her stomach, which is what she told the kids. She said a few times that something was "really wrong" and that she was experiencing a type of pain that she never has before.

Mama June is down to a size four and she looks like a different woman from the first reality show she starred in, "Honey Boo-Boo." She lost this weight via a healthy lifestyle of good food and exercise along with surgery. She did this in front of camera's rolling in her weight- loss reality show, "From Not to Hot." On Friday night's finale, after watching her ex marry another woman she decided it was time to completely rid herself of things that reminder her of her old life.

Bonfire of the vanities

With that said, she decided to burn all her old clothes, many that were a size 4X. Now that she is down to a size 4 she plans to never go back to that weight again. The family, along with friend Big Mike, sat around a bonfire, which was the setting as June embarked on this ritual.

She fed that fire one piece of clothing at a time, stopping for only a second or two to offer up a little story on one or two of the pieces she was about to throw in the fire.

Mama June burned those clothes and felt it was something that she needed to do to move on with her now healthier self.

Immobilized in pain

Then comes the scene where June yells to her girls that she can't move. She is laying in bed in excruciating pain and tells the girls to run and get the bodyguard Luke. When Luke arrives, June refuses to have them call an ambulance, but when the bodyguard tries to get June out of bed to get to the car, the pain won't let her move.

Luke has the final word, they call an ambulance.

Don't call an ambulance, call an ambulance

An ambulance was called and the scene ends with sirens in the background as June is being carted away to the hospital. Although it was the season finale, they probably had no choice but to add on a special episode after June suffered this medical emergency. How could they expect fans to wait until a new season unfolds months down the line to find out what was going on with June and this medical condition she was suffering?

Besides, if they didn't do a special episode, a month from now when Mama June is seen out and about, the cliffhanger would no longer be a cliffhanger, as people would assume that she is alright. What is June suffering from?