Cheryl Burke replaced Abby Lee Miller after she abruptly quit "Dance Moms." Since then, Miller has been sentenced to one year and one day in prison for bankruptcy fraud. Burke told Us Weekly that the moms are not sad at all about Miller going to prison.

Cheryl's report

The former "Dancing with the Stars" professional dancer didn't hold back when she reported how things are going on "Dance Moms" since Miller's departure. The 33-year-old was quick to say things on the show have been going great. The young girls are learning their dance routines, but she can tell they were traumatized by what happened to their former teacher.

Burke continued to say that since she took over for Season 8 of the popular reality show, she has tried to make the girls feel confident about themselves. The new dance instructor believes that while the girls are focused on themselves, the mothers are relieved that Miller is no longer there.

The girls were accustomed to Miller's style of yelling and screaming. Burke said there still will be some disagreements and feuding, buy her style is different when dealing with the girls and their moms. So far, they have been enjoying her teaching style, but she has noticed that some of the mothers are overly involved and want to be part of the process.

To prevent excessive tension and drama on the set, Cheryl said the mothers are allowed to stay while their daughters are rehearsing, but they are not allowed to just barge onto the dance floor and offer their input whenever they feel like it.

She summed it up by saying the moms just need to stay in their lane.

Cheryl seems to take offense that Miller said the producers and other officials will treat her better than Miller was treated. She stated that the real job of teaching the girls is more than money and budgets and numbers and whether someone has a company car.

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It all boils down to having a heart to teach the girls who are willing to learn, and it does come with a lot of patience.

Miller's prison sentence

On Tuesday, May 9, Abby Lee Miller was sentenced to one year and one day in a prison that has not been revealed yet. The 50-year-old woman who made her career teaching young girls to dance and yelling at them and their moms has spoken out since her sentencing. She said she is at peace and glad she doesn't have to worry about what her sentencing will be because now she knows. She is expected to begin her prison term within the next couple of months.