Maddie Ziegler is all praise for the new coach that replaced Abby Lee Miller. She did not say anything flattering about Miller but said it about Cheryl Burke. She used to be the favorite student of the former "Dance Moms" coach.The 50-year-old coach admits that she has invested a lot of time and energy for the 14-year-old dancer. However, the Zieglers were pulled out by their mom from the show. They have cited various reasons that all point to Abby as a bad coach.

Ziegler has stopped talking about Abby Lee Miller

When asked about the ALDC founder, Maddie seems to dismiss the topic right away.

Fans of the reality show are wondering what could have caused them to drift apart. Of course, the drama on the show is a natural thing because of Miller’s strict style but it seems the reason is much deeper.

When asked to talk about Abby Lee Miller, she hardly wants to talk. She said before that her mentor caused her too much stress as a young girl and her stint with “Dance Moms” was traumatic for her. Ziegler seems to get rid of Miller's memory in her life which is so sad because in one way or another the show has given her exposure and publicity. News reports said that the dance reality show paved the way for Sia to know about the teenager.

After Maddie left the show, many things happened. It was reported that Miller got angry with Melissa Gisoni’s daughter according to DanceSnapz.

The former coach reportedly got angry when Maddie and her mom credit Sia as the biggest influence in Maddie’s life. Besides, the mother and daughter made it appear that Miller was abusive.

Another reason the coach convicted of fraud got angry with Sia’s talent was MaddieStyle, a clothing line put up by the young dancer. The soon-to-be prisoner’s plan to put up a clothing line with Maddie was thwarted.

McKenzie’s sister did not show support to her former mentor when she was tried in court.

'Dance Moms' star dancer admires new coach

Maddie Ziegler, when asked about Cheryl Burke, would readily talk about her admiration for the new coach. According to JustJared Jr., the “So You Think You Can Dance?” judge is a fan of the “Dancing With the Stars” alumna.

All the girls reportedly loved her and she is a great person.Christian Post reported that the former dancer believes that Burke can bring in positive vibes in the show.

She has only good words for Burke while she has nothing more to say about her former coach. Burke said after she took over the show that she does not approve of Miller's teaching style. Abby Lee Miller, like Maddie Ziegler, left “Dance Moms” recently because of conflicts with the show producer. She said that she was not given credit for her contributions to the show. This has been her claim also against the Zieglers. Cheryl Burke was then signed to replace her.