Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are getting ready to welcome a new bundle of joy in the next couple of months. The couple is celebrating the upcoming addition to the family with a trip to Hawaii, according to US Weekly. The former "Hills" stars were pictured enjoying their trip to the state and appear to be having a great time. 30-year-old Heidi seems to be glowing radiantly in the series of photographs on the publication's site. Father-to-be Spencer can be seen smiling and looking very happy. The pair confirmed to US Weekly that they were expecting in April.

Spencer and Heidi pose for pictures in Hawaii

The couple certainly looks fantastic in their photographs. Pictures of them wading in the water and having fun on the beach are utterly endearing. Heidi can be seen cradling her growing baby bump as she stands ankle-deep in the water. The star sported a coral pink bikini and a delicate necklace. In another picture, Spencer is doing sit-ups with the aid of a tree trunk on the beach. Heidi sits on his back, laughing, with her hand on her tummy. The couple can also be seen in the water together kissing, with Spencer's hand placed lovingly on Heidi's stomach.

In the following picture, Spencer is lifting Heidi out of the water, holding her in both arms.

Heidi was also pictured indulging in an enormous ice-cream, wearing a floral bikini top and blue and white shorts. The star appears to have a half guilty look on her face as she enjoys her snack whilst sitting on a red picnic bench. Spencer also joined the star, sitting on the bench and feeding her the tasty treat. Later, the two can be seen both digging into the ice cream.

It appears to spill down Spencer's chin as he wipes his face with a napkin while his wife laughs at him. They grabbed another sweet bite later in the day.

Spencer and Heidi appear to have gone snorkeling as part of their trip. The couple was pictured kitted out in snorkeling gear, whilst both donning white tops. They can be seen wearing goggles and breathing tubes.

Heidi also appears to be holding some kind of fishing tool in her hand as they pose for the photograph.

Couple eagerly awaiting arrival of new baby

Spencer and Heidi are happily awaiting the arrival of their son. The couple confirmed that they are expecting a baby boy in May, according to US Weekly. Heidi revealed to the publication at the time that Spencer was very excited to have a potential sports companion. In June, Spencer said he wants to turn the negative experiences he's had in his life into positive ones for their son, using them as examples to better his own son's life. The couple has also spoken out about their difficulty selecting a name for their child and Heidi revealed in June that she believes Spencer is going to be a fantastic dad.