Fans have been anticipating another intimate moment between Lucifer and Chloe ever since they kissed in Season 2. The title for Episode 5 in “Luciferseason 3 suggests this might just happen.

A cryptic title

The title for episode 5 is “Chloe Does Lucifer” according to TV Line. The title could mean anything, possibly including a romantic rendezvous between the detective and the devil. Might we see Chloe Decker (Lauren German) and Lucifer (Tom Ellis) finally go beyond kissing? Who knows, Chloe’s dream that she made out with Lucifer might finally come true.

Viewers may remember that in Season 2, after she and the devil kissed by the beach, Chloe dreamt that they made out at Lux. Maze even watched while Chloe made kissing noises in her dream.

When can we see Chloe and Lucifer get intimate again?

The trailer for “Lucifer” Season 3 hints another intimate moment happens between the crime partners. Nearing the end of the preview, we see the Lord of Darkness wake the sleeping Chloe and hand her a gift. They then share a meaningful look as he smiles at her as she looks at him in surprise. It is also interesting to point out that Chloe has on the same shirt she wears while she dances like Tom Cruise in “Risky Business” (see 1:39 mark in the trailer below).

Why is she dressed as such? It begs the question if something happened between her and the devil the night before.

Chloe imitates Lucifer

The title for “Lucifer” Season 3 Episode 5 may not have a romantic connotation at all. Perhaps Chloe simply imitates the Lord of Darkness as what we see in the trailer. At the 1:01 scene, she speaks in British and says, “I am Lucifer Morningstar.

I can play the piano.” It seems she and Dr. Linda has had too much to drink.

What happens to Chloe and Lucifer’s mutual attraction?

It is unclear if we will see Lucifer and Chloe do something about their mutual attraction again since things are bound to get in the way of their feelings. These include Lucifer’s old habits that return.

Tom Ellis said that in Season 3, the devil returns to his partying and womanizing ways, as what we see in the trailer. Chloe also forms a romantic connection with a newcomer at work.

The charming and charismatic Lieutenant Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling) becomes competition for Lucifer. Marcus and Chloe become too close, much to the devil’s chagrin. Their connection irks the devil and brings out the worst in him, which in turn might displease Chloe.