luann de lesseps filed for divorce on Thursday of last week and fans were not exactly shocked at her decision. As it turned out, it was predicted that the marriage wouldn’t last as Tom had been caught cheating on her, just 48 hours before their engagement party last year. But Luann and Tom decided to get married anyway because she was convinced she could make it work.

This included forgiving him for his indiscretions and moving on in their relationship. She argued that they weren’t married when he cheated and the marriage could mean a fresh start.

Many fans are shocked and saddened by the news that Luann de Lesseps will now be divorcing, and there was one glaring thing that Luann’s fans are probably quite sad about. Over the past couple of years while filming "The Real Housewives of New York,” Luann has reminded fans that she was married to a Count and that she had the title of Countess.

De Lesseps has used the title Countess several times and she hasn't been afraid of using it to promote books and songs. Of course, Luann was previously married to Count Alexandre and she claims he cheated on her.

She gave up the title to become a wife of 7 months

De Lesseps told everyone that she was going to keep her status of the Countess until she remarried.

Many people were sad at the idea of her losing her status to marry Tom, as he had already been caught cheating on her. However, Luann de Lesseps revealed that she wanted to marry Tom, become a wife, and then get rid of the title. Now after seven months, she may be questioning why she decided to let go of the title for a man who didn't put her first.

The sad thing about this entire divorce is that she gave up her beloved title to a man, who she was only married to for seven months.

One has to wonder if she will regret this decision or if she can move on without thinking about the betrayal.

Will she still use the title?

Given that "Real Housewives of New York" stars know her as "the countess," there is a huge chance that she will continue to use her title even though it isn't hers to use anymore. It has become part of her identity and one can imagine she wants to keep using the title. If she can't have the marriage, she may want her title back. Surely, her co-stars will remind her that she can't use the title anymore, but she may ignore them. As she has previously hinted, once the countess, always the countess.

Are you surprised that Luann de Lesseps is losing her title of the Countess to a cheater?