Chelsea DeBoer is completely in love with her daughter Aubree as it has been the two of them since they started filming "Teen Mom 2." The two of them have filmed together for years and it has just been the two of them, as Chelsea continually struggled to get Adam Lind to pay attention to his daughter. For years, fans saw her struggle as she tried to balance being a mom with being a good friend to Adam as he tried to get his life back together.

As fans wanted her to do better, Chelsea decided to just focus on her personal life and not on her ex-boyfriend's current life.

There have been rumors that he is doing drugs and that he is not spending any time with any of his kids, but Chelsea is convinced that she did the right thing by moving on. She's currently married to Cole DeBoer and they have a son, Watson Cole.

Aubree loves her stepfather Cole

On “Teen Mom 2,” Cole and Aubree have a great relationship, but it sounds like he knows how to get under her skin. On the show, fans saw how Cole’s joking around left Aubree in tears because she was tired and stubborn. Chelsea added that Cole knew how to push her buttons. When Chelsea DeBoer talked to her daughter, she revealed that things had changed after Watson arrived and she suspected that she may be jealous of all the attention the baby was getting.

Was she jealous of Watson?

When Chelsea and Aubree talked about it, it sounds like she just wanted to be a part of everything despite her early bedtime.

DeBoer tried to explain to her daughter that Watson was a baby and that Chelsea and Cole needed to take care of the baby late at night, even when Aubree had to go to bed. While Aubree did seem confused at the time, it sounds like things have turned around for the better.

Chelsea is revealing how she absolutely adores her daughter and how she keeps talking about Cole in the past and in the present.

She knows that she and her mother were alone at one time, but now things have changed. Now Cole is in the picture and she has a younger brother. It sounds like Aubree loves being a big sister these days and just needed some time adjusting to the new life.

Surely, things will change on "Teen Mom 2" as the show continues to film and air on MTV. Maybe Aubree just had to learn that she has to share the attention these days with her younger brother Watson Cole.

What do you think about Chelsea’s sweet tweet about her daughter? Are you surprised that Aubree reacted the way she did on “Teen Mom 2?”