lisa marie presley has returned to Graceland. The only daughter of the late King of Rock and Roll elvis presley along with fans from all over the world returned to Memphis to pay their respects on the 40th anniversary of Elvis' death on August 16th.

Lisa Marie continues to mourn father's death

For 40-years, every year on this date Elvis Presley is remembered by thousands of fans who continue to flock to his Graceland mansion home to hold a candlelight vigil service honoring Elvis. Lisa was joined by her mother, Priscilla, 72, and ten-year-old twins Harper and Finley and Elvis look-a-like grandson Benjamin Keough as they lit candles and walked with fans throughout Graceland visiting the graves of her father and family members who have been buried on the grounds.

Elvis Presley would be 82 years old now

It has not been an easy year for Lisa, who has undergone a nasty divorce and custody case from her estranged husband of ten-years Michael Lockwood. Presley has also undergone extensive rehab and therapy treatments over the past several months for an addiction to prescription pain pills. As previously reported, Lisa Marie is said to be staying on track as far as her recovery goes and has committed herself to changing her past ways, and is dedicated to placing all her focus on her children, health and music career.

This is great news for Presley fans, who over the past have expressed their great concerns for Lisa's well being fearing she would sadly end up facing the same tragic fate as her father.

Over the past Lisa has stated that growing up as Elvis Presley's daughter was very difficult, describing her childhood as unhappy, dark and painful at times.

Throughout Lisa Marie's life she has battled substance abuse and relationship issues and in the past revealed that the loss of her father, a turbulent relationship with her mother and the pressures of growing up in the public eye might have fueled her addiction issues.

Elvis fans were happy to see Lisa show up for the 40th-anniversary celebration this year, following the tough year she has faced. It was questioned by some if Lisa would be emotionally and physically strong enough to handle painful day publicly and believe her father would be proud of the way she has pulled her life together.

We look forward to soon hearing news of LMP's new music ventures.

No matter how much time may pass the world will never forget just how much happiness and entertainment Elvis Presley brought and continued to bring his fans. Our thoughts continue to go out to the family and friends of Elvis Presley.

RIP Elvis...Gone but never forgotten.