Lesley Ann Brandt proudly shared a photo of herself breastfeeding her son, Kingston Payne, on social media to join the call to normalize breastfeeding. But apparently, her social media post has offended some of her followers who deemed the image "gross" and even accused the actress of crying out for attention.

Brandt's breastfeeding photo stirs up debate

"[I] am sorry but to me, this is a private moment between a mother and child and should not be for the world to see," a commenter wrote. Another one said, "Did you really need to share that? Bet you feel great now...

Have some respect for yourself and your baby. Decency is out the door.The pervs will love it."

The 35-year-old actress, on the other hand, refused to back down and explained her reason for sharing the photo on social media. She even argued with some of her critics and gave the most powerful response to their accusations that she was just seeking for attention when she uploaded her breastfeeding photo.

"If feeding my child will offend you, tough shit. Comments like this is why I posted this picture. Too many mothers are shamed for publicly feeding their children and I won't be shamed into not normalizing what is natural because of your feelings," Brandt replied.

After she engaged in a heated debate with her critics, the "Lucifer" actress released another statement on Instagram to slam those who are criticizing her for uploading the breastfeeding photo.

Brandt thought it was ironic that some of these people have no problem with seeing her half-naked body in "Spartacus" but are grossed out by a breastfeeding photo.

Of normalizing breastfeeding and empowering mothers

"What does it say about how we treat mothers and women when folks are fine for an actress to show cleavage or boobs in a show, but heaven forbid she celebrates what is arguably one of the hardest things she's done, nourish her child," she wrote.

The actress went on to say that it was her personal decision to share her breastfeeding photo in hopes to inspire mothers to find the confidence in feeding their child in public.

Brandt earned the support of her fellow mothers, who even thanked her for making a stand on behalf of breastfeeding moms all over the world. Some of them were emotional, while others encouraged the actress to continue fighting for what she believes is right.

"People never cease to amaze me. Boobies are meant to feed our offspring. Not for show and sex. Feed that beautiful baby, enjoy every second of it," a follower said.

Brandt and her husband, Chris Payne Gilbert, finally welcomed their first child two years after they tied the knot in 2015.