Tori Roloff of "Little People, Big World" is opening up about her struggles with breastfeeding. This type of thing is something that a lot of women are quiet about, but Tori actually went to her Instagram page and didn't hold back. She shared a lot about how she feels and how she is lucky she has been able to breastfeed her son Jackson. This is her first baby with husband Zach Roloff.

What does Tori have to say?

Tori is admitting that the hardest thing about being a mom is breastfeeding. This is what she has had the biggest issues with since Jackson was born.

Being a mom isn't easy, but this struggle was one that she has had to deal with and it didn't come easy for her. Tori says that she didn't expect this to be so hard, but it has been for her. She said that they both got frustrated with each other when they started, but she is glad that she stuck with it. Tori has been able to breastfeed her son, and many moms don't have that option.

Tori Roloff goes on to explain her thoughts. She says, "I realized however I was being selfish. It was an inconvenience and took FOREVER but I was blessed enough to be able to BF. I was in a position that some women would die to be in and I couldn't let that go. I feel for those mamas that can't breastfeed." She really is making it clear that she feels bad for moms that can't do this for their baby.

She hates the stigma of breastfeeding

Tori Roloff went on to explain that she hates the stigma of breastfeeding. It really bothers her that when she is breastfeeding her child she feels uncomfortable. Tori feels like they have come a long way since the start of breastfeeding and she is just providing her for child, so she doesn't want to feel awkward when feeding him in public.

She went on to say that breastfeeding is really hard and that mammas that can do it should just do it. Tori doesn't want anyone to feel uncomfortable doing it in public. She is being so open about everything, and it is nice for the fans to hear it from someone like her. This is an issue that any mom can have famous or not. Tori is just like any other mom.

Are you happy to hear Tori Roloff being so open and honest about this issue? Do you think this could help other moms? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss "Little People, Big World" when it returns to TLC. Right now a new season of the show isn't airing, but fans know that the Roloffs will be back soon and that is when they will get to know Jackson better.